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I hear it all the time, I remember my grandparents having those tables, I remember my parents having those tables, oh my god look I remember tables like that. I am pretty sure at some point in your past you have seen, owned or known someone who has own the small 2 level side tables or as some call them telephone tables. Where do most wind up I wonder? Are they in the landfills, basements, cottages or maybe the bon-fires at the cottage? These tables can be nice again and don't need to be hidden away or discarded.
These tables have arborite on them but I was still able to paint them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™. I gave them a good cleaning then used 220 grit sand paper to take the sheen off. Once the sheen was gone it was necessary to remove all dust with a tack rag. Time to paint!
I decided to go with a more masculine colour scheme and design. I thought a racing stripe would work well with the angular edge of the table surfaces. I started by painting the entire tables Napoleonic Blue. Once dry I applied painters tape to map out the stripes. Coco was used inside the tape to make the racing stripe. I did make the stripe wider at the front than at the back for added interest and to draw the eye the full length of the table.
I applied a clear wax first and gave it a good buffing then I went over the entire surface with dark wax. This gives both colours a deeper tone. I got out the painters tape again and applied it to either side of where the blue and coco meet, creating a narrow stripe. Using a small stiff bristled artist brush I brushed a sliver gilding wax into the narrow stripe. After the gilding wax was applied I removed the tape and there you have it two side tables with a new updated look. These styles of table are still very useful so don't throw them away, get out your paint brushes and use your imagination.
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