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Monique Daviau
by Monique Daviau
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For a long time I wanted a freezer as I live in the country and shopping is once a month, my budget is limited to my old age pension. Now I was lucky enough to get a used one but I wanted to revamp it.
My cousin was buying new freezer and she gave me her old one, so no cost to me, and I wanted to give it a new life
I unscrewed the top and spray painted it. I taped the handled with making tape as I would paint it black later.
I them used masking tape and newspaper to block the inside of the freezer, and also blocked the entrance to the motor at the back of the freezer tom prevent damage to the motor. Sorry I have no pictures of the tapings.
Them I spray painted the exterior, and it gave it a stainless steel look.
Now for the top, I taped it twice with the zigzag frogtape and the masking tape for the contours, and the sprayed it with Chalkboard paint.
I think it came out pretty good and it work real well. Follow the instructions to cure the chalkboard paint on the can. See my final step .
Fill my freezer and I could keep track of what is in it at all time. All that is left is keeping the list up to date.
Suggested materials:
  • Making tape   (Just the hardware store and Restore for Habitat for humanityr)
  • Frogtape zigzag pater   (Restore)
  • Krylon Dual super bond paint (silver)   (Rona Hardware)
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