Multicolored Marble Designs

White and grey may dominate the pallet of many marble projects but, when you’re embarking on your next adventure, don’t be afraid to mix it up. This crazy clash of colors from Hometalker Claire demonstrates how you can improve anything with marble (including coffee tins) and achieve a unique look. Instead of combining classic colors, Claire went for red, white and pink. Mixing them lightly in a bucket of water, she created a multicolored dip that looks fantastic. Get tutorial here

Marvelous Marble Wallpaper

Wallpaper may be the easiest way to marbleize your home without worrying about expensive cuts or intricate joins. What’s great about marble wallpaper is that it can be used for anything. Although you may use it to create a feature wall, it’s also a great way to marbleize other items in your home. As you can see, Amanda gave her microwave a lift with a length of marble contact paper, a painter’s taping knife and the X-Acto knife. Get tutorial here

Magnificent Marble Countertops

A few coats of paint and a sponge can turn a wooden base into a marble countertop. However, that’s not the only way to upcycle your counter. Because few people look beyond the surface, marble tiles can give you the luxury look without the cost. Laying a waterproof Ditra Membrane over her laminate countertop, ToolBox Divas was able to tile her counter just like a wall. Finishing the surface with tile edging trim, the final look is highly impressive. Get tutorial here

Majestic Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are great on walls and floors. However, what about this idea from Chelsea @ Making Manzanita? With four marble tiles leftover from a renovation project, Chelsea turned them into coasters. After coating in sealer, she traced the tile’s shape onto cardboard. She then measured a ¼ gap before cutting the cardboard. Using the cardboard as a template, she cut some felt and stuck to the bottom of each tile, creating the perfect base for these opulent coasters. Get tutorial here

Marble Masterclass: DIY Backsplash

You don’t need a ready-made backsplash if you’re creative enough to use the marble tiles leftover from another project.As you can see from this project by Honeybear Lane, marble tiling makes an ideal backslash. Although she’s chosen to match the tiles with those already installed in her kitchen, you can opt to mix things up with contrasting colors. Honeybear’s top tip is to use readymade tile adhesive to speed things up. Get tutorial here

Magical Marble Flooring

Marble may be opulent but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With some paint and an unsteady hand, you can recreate Teresa’s faux marble floor. After marking out a grid, a coat of white was applied. From there, shaky black lines were painted inside each square before a larger brush was used to blur them. Another thin coat of white was brushed over the top before the tape was removed to reveal this impressive marble effect. Get tutorial here

Makeshift Marble: Faux Marble on a Budget

By thinking outside of the box, you too can marbleize anything in your home. Painting an MDF table in white, Finding Silver Pennies used a selection of greys for her veins. With a feather, she lightly went over the surface, creating jagged lines. With the veins in place, she dabbed random ends with a sponge before lightly sanding the table and applying a coat of whitewash. After finishing with a protective coating, this faux marble project was complete. Get tutorial here

Minimalist Marble Bathroom

Don’t think you can use real marble on a budget? Think again.By combining mosaic tiles with marble effect ones, Marina Klima was able to decorate her bathroom a stunning yet practical way. Another way to bring marble into the bathroom without breaking the bank is to use it sporadically. By installing marble shelves, Joy got the luxury effect without having to redecorate her entire bathroom. Get tutorial here

Mature Marble Table

Transforming tables with marble doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. If you check out this project, you’ll see how white and grey paint can give the illusion of marble. For something more authentic, marble tiles make the ideal table surface. To make this marble side table, The DIY Playbook needed just four metal legs and some Fuze It liquid nails. Sticking the legs to the underside, the marble table was complete in less than an hour. Get tutorial here

Marbling Flower Pots With Spray Paint

To make your flowerpots pop, a few different paints and a roller are all you need. When real marble flowerpots aren’t an option, you can get the same regal look with a selection of paints. Spraying a selection of colors into a shallow bucket half filled with water, you should see a kaleidoscope effect start to appear. Once you do, roll the surface of your pots on top of the water to achieve the same effect as Rhonda B.   Get tutorial here