Salvage Table Becomes An Elegant Keeper With Paint And Stencils

Victoria Larsen Stencils
by Victoria Larsen Stencils
I rescued this very heavy round table from a salvage yard. I couldn't help it! It was such good quality. But with a scuffed leather top and a broken leg, I could see why someone wouldn't want it anymore. I have it a beautiful make over with paint, joint compound and stencils. It's now one of my favorite pieces!
This poor table was in bad shape but great wood. A broken leg was fixed with wood glue and clamps.
I sanded it down to bare wood then applied a raised plaster furniture border stencil from our collection using joint compound.
After the design was dry, I gave the entire table two coats of jet black paint. Using an artists brush, I painted the raised design with metallic gold paint. Gold paint added to the legs and trim was also added.
Using a medallion stencil, I added a round design to the top in pastel brown, green and gold metallic.
A coat of varnish finished the job and now I have a unique, beautiful, and high quality table for my own living room.
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