How to Paint the Night Sky With Wall Stencils

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Get starry-eyed with your next room makeover by painting a night sky mural… the easy way! You can paint a night sky wall art mural yourself… the secret for DIY beginners is Wall Stencils! You’ll be excited to the moon and back with how easy these designs are to use for your baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom. Watch the video and follow the step-by-step instructions below to see how to stencil a night sky mural:
  • Keeping Watch Night Sky Wall Stencil
  • Royal Stencil Cremes: Antique Silver, Smoked Oyster, Bright Gold
  • Royal Stencil Brushes: two 5/8”, one 1 ½”
  • White latex paint, Acrylic Paint Extender, two 1” chip brushes
Step 1: Paint the basecoat of your wall with Behr® Premium Ultra Paint in Tidal-or your choice of or blue interior paint with a flat sheen.
Step 2: Mix 1 part Antique Silver Stencil Creme with 1 part Acrylic Paint Extender.
Step 4: Place and secure the Keeping Watch Night Sky Wall Stencil onto center of the wall at the ceiling line with painter’s tape.
Step 5: Load the 1 ½” stencil brush with Bright Gold Stencil Creme and offload the excess paint onto a paper towel. Then stencil the moon designs with 2 layers of paint.
Step 6: Load both 5/8” stencil brushes separately with Antique Silver and Smoked Oyster Stencil Creme. Offload the excess paint onto a paper towel. Then stencil some star designs with Antique Silver and some with Smoked Oyster.
Step 7: After you are finished with your first repeat, move and reposition the wall stencil. Use the registration marks built right into the stencil to help you perfectly align the next repeat.

Step 8: Repeat Step 4 through Step 7 until the entire accent wall is stenciled with moons and stars.

Stencil Tip: If some splatter turned into drips, you can touch them up by painting over them with the base coat color.
Suggested materials:
  • Keeping Watch Night Sky Wall Stencil   (
  • Metallic Royal Stencil Creme Paints   (
  • Royal Stencil Brushes   (
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    I want to add some sparkle to my bedroom walls or closet doors!

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    I love this so much!

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    We stayed in a motel on a trip home to Bflo from Fla and lo n behold when we turned off the lights the ceiling lit up with the milky way and other solar sites..we were awestruck it was sooo beautiful..