I couldn't stand those shiny, dated brass lamps any longer!

Melissa B
by Melissa B
We have had these shiny brass lamps since they were popular. New lamps certainly were a possibility, but the Scotch in me said.. hmmm... what would I like better? Well, unable to make that decision, I bought a can of dark bronze spray paint and just made ours better! And now I love them again!
Not bad lamps, just dated with the shiny brass. SO ... cleaned it thoroughly. No... I didn't sand or prime it. Too lazy. Just used some blue tape to tape off what I thought might get spray. Umm... should have taped more of the cord.
Until I looked at this picture I never realized they were different... 15 years with them and never noticed. 2-3 light coats of Bronze spray paint. I would suggest either removing the cord, or taping and putting it in a baggie.
Just the other side.
I hate waiting for paint to dry.
I put the same shades back on and am SO pleased with myself and the look. $6 for spray paint instead of the hundreds of $ new ones cost!
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  • Kathy Kathy on Mar 10, 2016
    About 8 years ago I painted a 42 year old brass lamp that was a beautiful heavy lamp but the finish was just not good anymore. I used a semi gloss black and love it but I think I will try the oil rubbed bronze to update it a little.

  • Mary Lou Morin Mary Lou Morin on Aug 11, 2016
    I have a brass headboard I moved into the guest br simply because I hated the shiny '80s look of it. I may just do this!