ISpy Stenciled Patterns

Cutting Edge Stencils
by Cutting Edge Stencils
Cutting Edge Stencils Suggests Using Stencils to Create Designer Looking Home Decor!
Happy Friday, my DIY pattern spotters! We love playing our patterned version of iSpy because we love spotting all multiple patterns in one space. "Can I mix patterns?", is an age-old designing question and the answer, in most cases, is YES! Combining patterns brings excitement to a room. Are you curious as to how you can make it work in your space? Here are some simple rules to keep in mind:
1. Vary the scale, from small to large, of the patterns.
2. Try to include one big solid (wall or floor) in the space.
3. Three is the minimum number of patterns you should use.
Today we have three awesome examples that mix and match patterns. Cutting Edge Stencils is going to point out these patterns and then we're going to tell you which stencils to use to recreate the look. So lets start spotting some patterns!
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