Painted floor

Andrea S
by Andrea S
7 Days
I painted a bedroom floor for my 8 year old son who has allergies. We had to remove the carpet and until we can get new hardwood floor, he can have a good looking floor. I didn't sand it much because I didn't want it to be too shiny as it gets slippery when wet.
I am hoping these colors can grow with him and we can update the bedding as he changes what he likes.
My son wants a Lego room with a Lego Universe mural on the wall. When I find a mural he likes and I paint it, I will add to this project. The dark brown is the background color for the Universe.
It took 7 days for the paint to dry since I used oil and several layers were painted and each layer had to dry before I could walk on it.
Primed and painted with base color light yellow and contrasting color added.
Close up: I put some painter's tape around the edges for extra lines to make it look like a carpet.
This picture shows the tape around the edge and the inside edge tape removed already.
I stippled contrasting color on top with a sponge. I used this technique to hide the imperfections in the strip board.
With cream color I stenciled the pattern I found on the internet. I enlarged it with a projector on the wall and copied it to a plastic sheet. I cut out the plastic while I was watching a movie.
The finished room minus the wall. It's still missing the mural.
The Lego Universe on the wall. The game was shut down last year but it lives on in my son's memories and he loves the picture on the wall.
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  • B. Welch B. Welch on Sep 02, 2016
    Would like to know what kind of paint and prep work you had to do to complete this project? BTW a great job!!!

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