Can i chalk paint on varnished wood

by Lydia
  2 answers
  • Lesley Lesley on Dec 31, 2017
    Yes, I have done this many times. you don't actually need to prep but I always give stuff a pretty good clean and sometimes, if the old varnish is flaking, a really light sand. I clicked on the link above and it said to paint on thickly - I don't recommend this but it may depend on the brand of paint, I always use Annie Sloan. I give one thinnish coat, I often water down the paint a bit, the AS paint is very thick and can take a fair amount of watering down - experiment, you dont want it too runny. DONT WORRY if this first coat looks rubbish, the magic is in the second coat. You can do the second coat in a different colour if you want and then rub back lightly when dry to give a shabby look. Dont forget to wax - this is what protects the paint and gives a lovely soft sheen. Good luck!