Asked on Jul 17, 2014

Can you paint floor tile?

Patty Schoff
by Patty Schoff
It is possible/ wise to paint a "no gloss" ceramic floor tile. My kitchen floor has many knicks and some scratches and we can't replace it at this time. It is an area that has kitchen traffic, front door traffic, and is an entrance from the garage. It is just my husband and I, but it is a busy area. Any ideas?????
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  • While many have painted tile floors its not something that will really stand up for long periods of time. It really has to do with the traffic in the area. By the sound of it, your home has some heavy duty use. I would not suggest painting it as it will wear off quickly. But if you decide to try it anyway, A good cleaning and any paint that is an epoxy type will do the job nicely. Normal paint out of the can will work, but you need a really heavy duty finish if your floor gets a lot of use. Have you looked into linoleum sheets for the floor? There are many nice patterns all not that expensive that will last for a fairly long time. Ideally you should put down a layer of plywood so the lines between the tile do not show up, but you can trowel floor leveling cement to fill those low spots that will work fine for the next few years. Once you paint tile you need to maintain it. As it will scratch and in short order it will become quite a chore to keep it looking nice.

  • Nancee Nancee on Jul 20, 2014
    I painted my basement floor. Old tile was very porous so only had to clean it. Used paint specifically for floors. Put on w/ painting pad so it only needed 2coats. Done about 4years ago. Has held up very well!

  • Nancee Nancee on Mar 12, 2015
    No. Just a latex enamel in satin. Says it's "Porch & Floor" paint.