How do I paint a brick fireplace?

Nancy Starr
by Nancy Starr
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  • Janice Janice on Jan 12, 2019

    Hi Nancy, just dust off the fireplace brick well, maybe using a broom, and then you can paint it whatever color you like using a thick roller or a paint brush. I once did this in a home that to me was dark and dreary. I painted the bricks a glossy white and it totally changed the feel of the room. You'll have to work the paint into the rough bricks and it'll take more than one coat unless you want to have a white-wash or weathered look. If you like that look, simply water down the paint to make it a thinner "wash". Have only live once!

  • Mary Mary on Jan 12, 2019

    I did and then sponged it, and it really looks awesome now.

  • In this post I talk about all sorts of painting tips. You will need to prime the brick first, I recommend using THIS PRIMER, then paint with 2 coats of latex.

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    • Mon28501184: Regardless of an affiliate relationship with sales, I would only recommend a product if I truly felt it was great. (Your comment sounds to me the same as if I just said to you, 'I know you would make more money if the paint job you did with incompetent materials didn't last, so now you can make more money by having to repaint it sooner.") I've been a painter, designer and DIY-er for many years myself and I'm thrilled with STIX primer and the amazing bonding capabilities it has. If brick isn't properly sealed it can leach out and pop the paint off.

  • Mon28501184 I have been a designer, painter and DIY-er for many years. I would never recommend a product unless I felt it was good and necessary for the project! Brick can leach and pop the paint off, causing a mess and a need to repaint. I strongly believe in using a good product to prevent a junky end result that just needs to be re-done. STIX primer is a special bonding primer that is well worth it. I've never been happy with using a cheap primer. I have found it never pays to use junk for the foundation of a paint job.