Asked on Jul 20, 2015

****Color combo suggestions****

by Laughter222
Attached are photos of our house; we need to decide on paint colors for the following:
Shutters (to be mounted on smaller window)
Cement porch and it's steps
Front door (storm and entry will both be painted)
If possible, I'd love to include some variation of purple for the doors (plum, royal, deep, light, etc…). However---I am absolutely open to any other color combinations and all suggestions that you might have in mind. :)
Our goal is to select the most appealing colors for our house. We'd rather not look like most homes in the neighborhood--the cookie-cutter, reserved, basic color choices, etc…..I'm open to the eclectic look and would LOVE to hear your ideas and suggestions.
Please know that your help is MUCH APPPRECIATED!!! :) Thanks, friends.
P.S. We plan on adding landscaping in the front once the above work is done with paint, etc….. :)
q paint color combo suggestions for curb appeal, concrete masonry, curb appeal, doors, paint colors, painting, Front of house new porch supports sidewalk and driveway Will replace mailbox outdoor light and house numbers all on wall next to door
Front of house; new porch supports, sidewalk and driveway. Will replace mailbox, outdoor light and house numbers all on wall next to door.
q paint color combo suggestions for curb appeal, concrete masonry, curb appeal, doors, paint colors, painting, Cement steps we still need to remove the last remnants of paint before patching and painting
Cement steps---we still need to remove the last remnants of paint before patching and painting.
q paint color combo suggestions for curb appeal, concrete masonry, curb appeal, doors, paint colors, painting, A photo of the siding and a trim piece Faded for certain but not in the budget to replace or paint
A photo of the siding and a trim piece. Faded for certain, but not in the budget to replace or paint.
q paint color combo suggestions for curb appeal, concrete masonry, curb appeal, doors, paint colors, painting, Faux stone will be installed around the 3 sides of front porch only
Faux stone will be installed around the 3 sides of front porch only.
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  • Mollee Kauzlarich Mollee Kauzlarich on Jul 20, 2015
    When I need to chose several colors for a project I find inspiration in a favorite photo or fabric and pull colors from that. You could also maybe find colors in your stone. I think a purple would look great with the stone you posted.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Jul 20, 2015
    Could you send more pics of the side & back and also different views of the front? I have some suggestions, but it would be helpful to have a little more info. Is your siding white or cream? Is the trim gray? I really like your idea of an eggplant color and if you would reply to me with more info, I'd love to offer some thoughts.

    • Laughter222 Laughter222 on Jul 21, 2015
      @Debi53 Hi there. :) Here are a couple of pictures that might help. The siding is a beige and the trim is a taupe. I love color, period. Eggplant is great! :) Thanks debi53.

  • Bobbie Gardner Bobbie Gardner on Jul 20, 2015
    As your house is going to have stone, I would pull variations from the stone - grays are great to work. Eggplant - a deep rich purple would look great on the front door. I cannot tell from the photo what color your roof is - if it weathered wood, there are gray flecks that you can match up gray for the siding.

  • Linda Santo Linda Santo on Jul 20, 2015
    Sorry, but NO shutters. IMHO, I'd remember the house with the odd window that has shutters. Unless you're going to shutter the sides and rear of the house to be cohesive, an odd window will be even more of an odd window. You could paint just the front in the same color as the siding just to hide the shutter remnant shadow. Think out of the box to make it work.

  • Holly Prim Holly Prim on Jul 20, 2015
    You have a great porch, in relation to the width of your of your home it's huge!! I would do everything you can to draw our eye to it. I personally would move the mailbox to the curb and out of the line of sight if possible, clear anything blocking that porch so we can see the newly painted concrete, etc. I have a light brick on my exterior but have columns as well. We painted ours black as well as the front door and left window trim bright white. That's my taste so you may cringe at that, but black isn't that far from the purple family, so if you lean toward that deep purple like Bobbie suggests you may achieve the same rich looking result. A couple of flowers or greenery to brighten it up and you'll have the best looking house on the block! Hope you'll add pics when your done, so exciting!!!

  • Debbie Debbie on Jul 20, 2015
    I would also move the mailbox away from the porch. Because of the large blank space on your porch, I would place a rocker or Adirondack chair there and table in the light color of your trim. I am not sure if the purple would work, but whatever you choose, you could add coordinating pops of color in accent pillows,landscaping, etc.

  • Maggie Kimble-Bernard Maggie Kimble-Bernard on Jul 21, 2015
    Smokey Gray for house, creamie white for trim and aubergine (purple) for door and shutters. Shutters only on small window.

    • 861650 861650 on Jul 21, 2015
      @Maggie Kimble-Bernard Maggie, love your color scheme!

  • Kimberly Saxton Scruggs Kimberly Saxton Scruggs on Jul 21, 2015
    I would definitely put shutters on that little window for balance against that large picture window. Later attach a flower box...wood?...wrought iron? Don't paint the stone, just get it cleaned. Like Bobbie G. Said, look for the subtle coloring in the stone to work from. Deep plum is what my son used on his front door and accents, with a medium dark gray for the over all color on their house. Looked regal!

  • Joanie Joanie on Jul 21, 2015
    You already have the purple tone in the darkest color stone. Pull your accents from the faux stone. Your front door in the darkest shade. Definitely need the shutters for the small window, but counter balance by painting the trim on the big window the same as the shutters( Love the window flower box idea and I agree, the mailbox needs to be moved.

  • Dottie Dottie on Jul 21, 2015
    LOVE the idea of a deep plum on the door. Will look very nice with your existing color and the new stone. Remember, draw the eye to what you want to pop. Clean the cement and if you do paint it, make it a neutral color. Do put some seating there and perhaps use orange or a deep rust with plum on any cushions you use. Hang baskets of flowers on the posts with color that will pop with the colors you use on the porch. Add some annuals and perennials in the beds in front of the porch. Extend the growing bed around the left side of the porch and underneath your small window. A window box there would be lovely. Yes, and move the mail box from line of site of your beautiful front porch. I can't tell from the pic, but you might want to add lighting on the porch. Maybe some soft lights around the interior of the porch roof? What a great project. All easy and cheap to do. Please post pics when you complete. So fun to see the finished project!

  • 861650 861650 on Jul 21, 2015
    One thing you can do is go to the craft store and purchase a couple of poster boards and a small bottle the "purple" which is about a dollar. Paint the entire board and let dry. Tape it on the outside of the door for 3 or 4 days. Look at it from the curb. Then, tape beside the window for a few days. I have done this inside and outside of the house and I will tell you it will save you time, money and a lot of frustration!

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    • 861650 861650 on Jul 25, 2015
      @Linda Jowers Hey, 3 out of 3 ain't bad! LOL!. Further, when I place a picture on a wall, I live with it for several days and, sometimes when I hang a picture, I KNOW immediately it does not belong there!

  • Joy Joy on Jul 21, 2015
    I love all the ideas and agree with Maggie's color scheme. You can also have so much fun with the landscaping by using a lot of purple too...maybe a deep purple butterfly bush over on the left side to hide the meter. I love window boxes and think the hayrack type always look nice. I used to change mine out seasonally when we owned our last home. Just buy a couple of things that are trailing (like ivy or homestead purple verbena), something flowering like yellow gerbera daisies, and something that is taller and leafy.

  • Irene Irene on Jul 21, 2015
    I would go with light gray shutters and a plum colored door. By the way I always wanted a plum front door! Keep the cement a light gray also.

  • Suzanne Jones Suzanne Jones on Jul 21, 2015
    Actually, I think a deep purple door would be beautiful, then, paint your house about two shades lighter. I would paint the shutters and the trim a dark, beautiful gray. Valspar is my favorite paint. They have exterior paints that have the primer and and the paint in it, so you don't have to mess with it. Plus, they have the MOST AWESOME colors!!

  • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Jul 21, 2015
    The purple door sounds good as will draw eyes to the entry. Just don't paint anything else a deep purple. Gray goes well with purple so house should be a medium gray and trim a light gray. I'm all for a handrail to go up the stairs. The handrail is needed for winter ..or just maybe you have some older relatives that would like the extra safety feature. It could be a thin iron type that would not be noticeable from the street. I big pot of Lavender flowers on the left of the door. Also something textured on the blank wall on left of door.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Jul 21, 2015
    Thanks for the extra info. I think I have to agree with the others who have said to use gray & eggplant. I am personally not a big fan of shutters (that's just me), so on our house, we took off the shutters and added extra wide trim around the windows. It 'beefed up' the windows, but looks more modern that shutters. If you choose to paint the trim, I think I'd go with more of a creamy white like someone else suggested. I think this will go better with your roof & color choices than the bright white. Either way you decide, you have an adorable house.

  • Linda Jowers Linda Jowers on Jul 23, 2015
    I like your own ideas & some of the suggestions. I understood that painting the siding was not in the budget at this time. I think the deep purple/plum/eggplant paint range for the door will still work with the siding you have. If not shutters on the small window, then expand the trim, & try a cardboard flower box to see what you think, all in the white or other trim color to match both windows, columns - it needs some balancing out. With the stone surround on the porch think about focusing on it.Take the landscaping down low with simple planting beds bring, in some complementary flower colors, look at a color wheel for permanent & seasonal plantings - keep that stone showing. Consider a chair, small table, large pot, etc depending on the space. The porch & door will spotlight your front. Keep any larger plantings to the left side corner of the porch graduating in size towards the left end. It looks like the space under the bay window is hardscape - maybe consider a large, sitting window box underneath - painted in a color from the stone with more colored pots at each end. I'm sure you will get what you love in the end. Good luck! & Yes please post pictures, we're all looking for ideas too!

    • Laughter222 Laughter222 on Jul 30, 2015
      @Linda Jowers Hi Linda, thanks for your ideas. You've "got my wheels turning." :) I have a couple of questions. Based on your posting, are you recommending either expanding the small window's trim in white or putting up white shutters? I understand the goal of creating more balance between both sides of the house. :) Another question. We plan on going with a craftsman/mission style entry door and shutters (we LOVE that style). Considering there will be the new stone around the base of the porch, a new purple/plum/eggplant door, a "neutralish" looking porch and step color, the white porch supports, etc……..what would you suggest we use for our mailbox, house number and outdoor light; silver, gold, brass, bronze, pewter and my mind is now drawing a blank. :) I'm almost ready to resurface the porch and steps, then we'll install the stone, in the meantime paint or replace the existing entry door, replace the storm door, and so on. It's getting exciting! I will absolutely post pictures once every things complete. :) Thanks again, Linda.

  • Chris Chris on Jul 24, 2015
    Before you talk about colors define your taste. Do you prefer a wooded look, a modern look, are you into shabby chic. When you define your taste, then get an inspiration peice, a pillow that mixes colors you like, a floral arrangement that you like, fabric that combines colors that speak to you. That is a way your house will become a reflection of you, not me.,

  • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Jul 26, 2015
    I would paint the new porch supports the same color as the Door and the all the window Trim around All the Windows and the Shutters... Egg Plant is a great Reddish Plum Color, its the Color of my dress in the photo for my Son's Wedding.. very rich colored, then you could go to a Pewter for the lights , House numbers and door handles etc... Can't really tell what color the Siding is? but those colors should work fine.. if you find a Nice Fixture for the Porch lights and its not the color you like -spray paint them, I am going to spray paint the old Brass ones by my front entry, the ugly Black ones by the Garage and back Steps entry. our House siding is a Gray color...with white Trim...Still need to paint our front door and back doors - I was thinking about that same Eggplant Color... See Great Minds think Alike... Have Fun ! you could paint the steps Light Gray and the Riser part dark Gray... and have some lighting by each step ....

  • Maggie Hugie Maggie Hugie on Jul 27, 2015
    I love looking on the net for unique color combinations. This one seems to fit the bill. The muddy purples on the steps would blend well with the colors in the faux stone. I also like the off white on the pillars and trim.

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    • Candi Candi on Jul 02, 2016
      Get rid of the white and use the warm cream are already going to all the effort to improve the appearance of your home ......don't skimp now. Cute little house!

  • Maggie Hugie Maggie Hugie on Jul 30, 2015
    The pure white will probably be just fine. Just make sure that you do something interesting with the wall next to the doorway you said a new light, mailbox and numbers ...perhaps a small bench or a rocker with some colorful outdoor pillows or a matching purple flower pot with a small tree or bush. It will look charming.

    • Laughter222 Laughter222 on Jul 31, 2015
      @Maggie Hugie Thank you for your feedback and ideas, Maggie. :) I'm looking forward to being at the point where all the "hard work" is accomplished and then we can focus on the fun stuff----pillows, seating, flowers, pots, and on and on. I get excited just typing those words. lol I'll follow up with photos once all is complete. :) Have a great weekend.

  • Rita Reid Rita Reid on Aug 01, 2015
    White tends to show all the flaws in an older home....what about an almond color with maybe a chocolate trim

  • Sherrie Sherrie on Jul 20, 2016
    How about a pretty green with lavender and plum.

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Sep 25, 2016
    What about a soft golden buttery yellow for the body of the house, with a cream white for the trim? Use any of the colors for the door and trim that you mentioned. Put some sort of vertical decor to the left of the door to use some of that empty real estate, or a small chair/bench and table, etc. also suggest planting across the front of the house first, then around the sides. It has an adorable cottage charm that I love.

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Oct 09, 2016
    I'd like to suggest Oyster Pearl for the body of the house, Provence Yellow for the front door and Sage Green trim. Best of luck.