Asked on Jan 19, 2015

What color paints and glazes are being used to create antiquating?

by Dianeaallen
I am painting my kitchen cabinets and want them to have a antique finished look but we don't know what to use. They are prestained oak I think.
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  • Sherrie Sherrie on Jan 19, 2015
    It usually is a glaze. Either you make your own or one you buy, the knees you buy you can purchase at Lowes, or A paint store. They will even make them up for you. Making your own you can use a glaze and stain or paint.

  • Shira Shira on Jan 21, 2015
    @Carrie Welch has a lot of experience with this maybe she will have some insight.

  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Jan 25, 2015
    Hi! Rustoleum makes a cabinet glaze. You can purchase it at Home Depot and its quite easy to use. Just paint it on then wipe off whatever you don't want. It will settle in the creases of the molding and add the antique look you are going for. Good luck!