Asked on Jun 08, 2015

Question on tissue paper faux finish

by Laurie
I am working on faux finishing 2 columns in my living room. I now have a couple of "blank spots" that need to be fixed! Not sure how to go about this and am concerned I will end up ripping some of the texture off! Should I take a razor blade and cut the blank sections out and re-do those areas? The blank sections did not adhere to the column well so is that a possibility? Or can I paint over the blank sections and apply new tissue paper without messing up the "good" textured sections? Help! This is my first faux finish project so appreciate all advice!
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  • Shelly James Williams Shelly James Williams on Jun 09, 2015
    Once the first layer of tissue and paint is dry you can go right over it!

  • Laurie Laurie on Jun 09, 2015
    Thanks Shelly! I actually was able to take off the "bad" tissue paper, repaint and re-do with new tissue paper/paint. It looks WAY better now.

  • Dolores DeLuise Dolores DeLuise on Jun 10, 2015
    Laurie, with what did you adhere the tissue paper? Mod podge? Thanks.

  • Laurie Laurie on Jun 10, 2015
    I painted a base coat on and then applied the crinkled tissue paper and went over that with another coat of the base coat. I then will next apply a silver/dark gray metallic glaze which will give it an entirely different look.

    • C C on May 01, 2019

      Lauri, please post pictures of your finished project. It sounds like you are doing an exact project that I want to do.