What paint brand is best for painting kitchen cabinets?

by Vgb12320482
Looking for a durable paint with the smoothiest finish that can be scrubbed and not chip off. No chalk paint! And do I need a sealer as well?
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  • William William on May 28, 2017
    Acrylic latex paint. There is a process.

    Remove the doors and hardware. Mark the doors and cabinets with tape where they go. Lightly sand the doors and cabinets to remove any gloss and roughen the surface for paint. Prime with a stain blocking primer like Zinsser 123. Then paint with your color. Seal with at least three coats with a water based polyurethane. Use a small foam roller and foam brush for a smooth finish.

    • Vgb12320482 Vgb12320482 on May 29, 2017
      Thank you, but how do you avoid roller or brush strokes? I have yet to conquer that stage!

  • William William on May 29, 2017
    The foam roller and foam brush leaves a smooth finish. Don't buy the cheap ones at the dollar stores. Get the ones where you buy your paint.

  • Beverly Beverly on May 30, 2017
    I've tried both the cheaper ones & ones from the paint store....have not noticed any difference.

  • Carol Carol on May 30, 2017
    I just used Valspar kitchen enamel and it looks great. It's very durable and has a beautiful finish

  • Dmotan Dmotan on Jul 28, 2018
    Advance paint