Asked on Jun 05, 2014

What would you do with this house,? What colors would you choose?

by Sandy
This is cedar siding and we plan to clean and re stain but not sure what tone to use or what to do about the trim, I do not like the brick color but do not want to paint, I would like a trim color to be noticed but not scream at me...
q what would you do with this house what colors would you choose for th, curb appeal, painting
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  • Miss Pooslie Miss Pooslie on Jun 06, 2014
    I would say defiantly do not paint the brick (it looks nice at first but then looks bad after a few years and you can never get it back to the brick). as for the trim, i would get paint chips from your local home store that you like (maybe a buttery yellow, a slate blue, sky blue, sage green--in several brands/shades/cool/warm versions) then stand in the yard, hold them up the the house and see what ones go the best. Since it is a rustic style house, a sage green would probably look real sharp. :)

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jun 06, 2014
    The brick is nice. There is not much contrast between the brick, the cedar and the roof. It makes your home look gloomy. The cedar is the problem as it's between the brick and roof. I would paint the cedar to avoid staining every few years. Maybe a light shade for the cedar, and maybe a cream colour to make the trim pop and to highlight the interesting roof angles. The house is large enough to have another trim colour on some parts in addition to the cream.

  • Helen Stockwell Helen Stockwell on Jun 06, 2014
    I would get a chestnut and use that

  • Sandy F Sandy F on Jun 07, 2014
    Why don't you try one of the painting apps or interactive painting? With a photo of your house, you can "try on" all kinds of colors and combinations.

  • Louise Perkins Louise Perkins on Jun 07, 2014
    Wow what a beautiful house! First problem I see is that your brick and cedar are of two different shades/tones or sides of a color wheel; they clash. I would stain the cedar a more red color to coordinate with the brick. The trim, plus columns and I see you have some decorative trim above three windows. You may want to add some decorative trim above the windows with the brick facing to balance the visual weight. Include the down hanging parts in the trim work as well. With color for the trim you have two chooses, use mono tones which would be next to the brick color on a color wheel or pick a color that is on the opposite side. The key to picking colors in stay in the same tone value of all colors you apply to the house or any project. The white glass door frame I would paint it the same as the rest of the door set. Enjoy the project and make it your home!

  • Kaseylynne Kaseylynne on Jun 07, 2014
    Either conform the elements on the outside, or paint all one color to look like they conform. Very unbalanced look. Enlarge windows on the left side.

  • Bodiedk Bodiedk on Jun 07, 2014
    I would stain the ceder a darker color and then decide what trim to use.

  • Pam Shepard Pam Shepard on Jun 07, 2014
    There is a stain that will match the brick at Lowes or Home Depot, and I would go with a dark green for the trim. (Our home is a similar style and that's what we did,)

  • Virginia Virginia on Jun 07, 2014
    try to take a photo and if you have photo shop play around with colors and tones to see what you would like

  • Susan Cinelli Susan Cinelli on Jun 07, 2014
    Sage green shutter and flower boxes

  • Katie Katie on Jun 07, 2014
    Hi - There are many trim elements going on. You might consider coordinating and simplifying the trim a little more by removing the pieces that angle off from the centre on the section above the large window on the right as well as all the saw-tooth trim that hangs down from the dormers. You could then think about painting all the trim a soft sage green as @Susan Cinelli suggested. As for the front door, red is great welcoming colour but the shade you've used doesn't POP enough. Consider a very bright cherry red or green in the same family as the trim (but not the same shade). The next time you have to re-shingle your roof, you might consider lighter shingles or variegated colour as the darkness of them has the effect of pushing your home down toward the ground. FInish off with lots of flowers!! :-) The only other suggestion I have would be to consider changing out the red mulch or brick chips you have at the front for for pea gravel or a natural mulch to provide another bit of contrast. You really have a lovely house. All it needs is a little lift. Have fun!

  • Susan Kutzbach Susan Kutzbach on Jun 07, 2014
    I like Susan Cinelli's idea for color. Maybe then do the door in a darker shade of the green

  • Cheryl Pfirrman Cheryl Pfirrman on Jun 07, 2014
    After you get the paint colors figured out, some landscaping would brighten things up too.

  • Sandy Moore Sandy Moore on Jun 07, 2014
    Match with the color in your trees so your house looks like it belongs to your landscape. I love the color of your brick and would not change it

  • Linda B Linda B on Jun 07, 2014
    Linda B Washington, IA The color of the brick is hard to put another color with. In the photo it looks like an orange tone. I wouldn't use white on anything. It cheapens the look. You're going to need to consider the roof color too, that could clash. You really should bring home some paint colors to hold up to the walls and roof, to blend colors. You will have 3 colors to consider - the brick, the wood and the roof. Are the small windows on the left on your garage? I don't think they should be changed. The flat front of your house doesn't help the look, but you can't do much there. Some new landscaping would help tremendously. I would plant dwarf size shrubs, some small trees like Japanese Maples in the front of the 2 small windows. They're nice and airy looking. I have a brown stained house with a dark green front door and it's beautiful. Our stone front porch is also a brown tone that blends but stands out. The bottom stone that is about 3 feet high around the house, is painted a darker brown and the trim is the same dark brown. You don't want to get too much difference between the house and the trim or it will stick out too much -- just enough to notice how pretty the two colors look together. Go to a GOOD paint store that know their colors and paints. Some stores even have a decorator to help for free ideas. Best wishes in whatever you decide to do. Have fun with your project and you will love it. I noticed your furniture in white or pink. Dark browns, or Dark greens would be so much better with the color of the wall they are against. I would also change the color of your mulch to dark brown or black. Sometimes it's just changing the little things that make a big difference. If I were you and had the money to do it, I would change the brick color that is hard to match, and leave the upper brown wood as is. Then have a dark green front door, and also still change the furniture and shrubs and mulch. You'll have a new and beautiful house! If you want, I could e-mail you photos of the front of our home. I would only need your e-mail address. I don't know how to add photos here.

  • Roseann Marsett Roseann Marsett on Jun 07, 2014
    Paint the trim black, add shutters and flower boxes in black also. It sounds gloomy and dark but it actually has the opposite effect. It brightens up the entire rest of the house.

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    • Deborah M Deborah M on Jun 07, 2014
      Your house has has nice lines and very pretty

  • Brenda Heller Brenda Heller on Jun 07, 2014
    Beautiful house! I hope we get to see the finished product!

  • Buster Evans Buster Evans on Jun 07, 2014
    (well I was in the middle of a post and it vanished) I would NOT try to paint or change the brick at all... The wood on the upstairs you could pressure wash and RE-stain back to the same color or a shade or two darker than the original stain. and bring that down to the rest of the wood on the front of the ground floor. It has a very earthy feel to it if done right, and would look really nice with the new stain and match the trim with the edge color of the roof and the posts.. Then try to match the front door color with the color of the brick to tie it into the overall scheme. Its a beautiful place with a lot of character!

  • Rosemary Kelly Rosemary Kelly on Jun 07, 2014
    Sherwin-Williams has a great color visualizer: You have a beautiful home! There might be some combinations that you haven't considered. Play around with it. ;)

  • Ane338002 Ane338002 on Jun 07, 2014
    Get some contrast on the trim somewhere

  • Colleen Colleen on Jun 07, 2014
    Painting cedar siding can be a pain in the butt. When was the last time the cedar had been staine/painted? I don't like the idea of painting brick, so take a close up px of the brick and select a color from the colors of the brick. If the brick looks "orangesh" select from a color wheel a complementary color. Black trim will go with just about anything and it has a way of stablizing the eye. Whate ever you do keep us up to date!

  • Kevin F Kevin F on Jun 07, 2014
    oil stain the cedar just the color they are and maybe use a dark walnut stain for the trim.. this would blend with the roof making it more rustic. A Beautiful Home .... keep it soft yet bold in the trim.

  • Deborah M Deborah M on Jun 07, 2014
    if you use oil stain you can't use a latex over it

  • Deborah M Deborah M on Jun 07, 2014
    I would move all the stuff you have on your deck area to your grass area. I would also do a focal point between your 2 big windows

  • Pam Bolton Pam Bolton on Jun 07, 2014
    I would a power wash and cleaning of the cedar and trim, followed by a semi-transparent, high-quality stain for the cedar in a light to mid-tone brown. Paint the trim a warm beige. Be careful not to use a pinky beige. Then a teal blue or a dark orange for the front door. Freshen your landscspe and your porch decor. Good luck and let us see what you decide.

  • Jenny@birdsandsoap Jenny@birdsandsoap on Jun 07, 2014
    I would choose a shade of green on the siding. Either a dark olive or hunter green stain. Then, I would add shutters flanking the tiny windows that are on the brick walls to bring both materials together. I would also rip out the evergreen bushes along the brick wall to the left. I would construct a large trellis between the two small windows and put a climbing rose in a color that pops. The trellis would add height while breaking up that large, stark looking space to create a focal point and add interest.

  • Candace Henson Candace Henson on Jun 07, 2014
    I would use a gray/olive stain on the cedar. I would not paint the brick. I would add shutters to the small windows in the brick wall. I would paint the door and shutters and trim a burnt umber or dark brown depending on what looks better with the stain on the cedar. I think bigger porch columns and better landscaping. And remove the storm door off the front.

  • Faith R Georges Faith R Georges on Jun 08, 2014
    each owners has their own preferences and budget, I"d ditch the ceder siding and replace with a clean creamy off white/gray vinyl. then follow up with painting the brick and update the so-fit with the a lighter color as many people stated before the addition of shutters dark charcoal or blk against the white would make those windows. pop. The two window areas to the far right and in the middle would have a nice stone added to keep the rustic or natural look. then clear the mix match seating and add a porch swing to enjoy the view. if your going all the way do you have a side walk to this side of the house that is easily assess-able for guest? once your access is established you can add a pop of landscape on the curved walk to your front door. New carriage light flanking the front door would be nice if you go with a light color then keep those bronze black tone, add a couple concrete urns on each side of the door for touches of seasonal decorations

  • Cheryl Newman Cheryl Newman on Jun 08, 2014
    It is tricky to coordinate paint color to brick. I would pick a tan color for the siding, since it looks like the mortar is tan. I would use cream for the trim, and dark green for shutters and front door. I think craftsman style porch columns would look great There are brick stains you can use if you really don't like the color. They are supposed to be more durable than paint. I used masonry primer on our brick - no paint - and it is holding up very well

  • Terry.94 Terry.94 on Jun 08, 2014
    Confused, is this a front or back of the house? If the back, paint the trim, make a patio, plant some trees, etc. Minimal cost. Front of house - a walkway! planters The windows do not match or co exist. Different sizes, arrangement is strange, peaks of building do not look like they belong together. Good luck - let us know what you do.

  • Jeanne Jeanne on Jun 08, 2014
    I would paint it all a light gray color, maybe trim in black or white. Plant lots of colorful shrubs and flowers. The gray would make a nice background for the plantings.

  • Wabbitears Wabbitears on Jun 08, 2014
    I like the ideas already presented about re-staining the cedar. The trim might be a shade of darker blue-green. Think about some taller landscaping in the front - like a series of berms with a japanese maple placed in there. You can get a gold colored one which will also be complemented by the blue/green. It will also give you a scenic destination for your eye when looking out the window. Wonderful house.

  • Velina Velina on Jun 09, 2014
    If it doesn't actually need a new paint job, i would do some landscaping. That would actually brighten the house up. There isnt much you can do to make brick look better. Also, I would ditch the cedar. Big fire hazard. No matter what you do to the house itself you may still not be satisfied. Perk up your yard.

  • Sandy Sandy on Jun 13, 2014
    I am thinking about staining the siding a Taupe, with chocolate trim and a spice colored front door and shutters that I will be adding to the windows along the left side and the small one under the front porch, the mortor is a taupe like color, and I am not planning on painting the brick, just trying to tie it all together. there is a long sidewalk along the front porch that you can not see in the picture, I have already landscaped the front and will post pics when all finished, just like to have a few opinions on my color choices.Thanks so much for the help, every opinion has been helpful

    • Linda B Linda B on Jun 14, 2014
      @Sandy Sounds like the colors would work. Did you hold the colors up to the brick to see how they look together?

  • Sandy Sandy on Jun 15, 2014
    Yes I did, for me it's hard to think anything looks good with that orange brick because I dislike it so much, but I think this will be alright

    • Linda B Linda B on Jun 17, 2014
      @Sandy After you finish your project, post a photo to let us see the results, but don't ask how anyone likes it because all that counts is if you like it. People will probably tell you anyway :-)

  • Fiona Dorse Fiona Dorse on Mar 08, 2015
    I would leave the house and plant beautiful creepers in beautiful big pots up the support poles. I would plant a gorgeous hedge around the botttom of the house to give it an elegant feel. And if you are up to it, three window boxes with gorgeous spilly stuff like they do in Europe underneath the top three windows which could co-ordinate with whatever colour creeper you chose. Or I would put three lights on the three support poles or lights outside the doors to give it a glam feel. And....what about a chandelier on the porch? ;-)

  • Sue Ryan Sue Ryan on Sep 04, 2016
    I know this sounds odd. but I would stain all of the wood black. Add black stutters to the windows on the first floor. I would also paint the front door. of course add some colorful landscaping .

  • Wendy Thompson Wendy Thompson on Mar 14, 2021

    you should lime wash the brick it would look beautiful