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So you can't draw well. You are not good at stenciling. You don't have a vinyl cutter. How do you ever get a image you want on a project then? Read on!

First up, print out a picture you like.
I love to find royalty free, out of copyright images, and get them printed at my local copy store! Next up, cut you image out with scissors. Cut as close to the edge as possible.
Now select a piece of wood that will work as your background. Remember, you can also apply this technique to furniture, walls and just about any hard surface!
Next up, grab your favorite color of Junk Monkey Paint! I'm using an off white color called "Antique Lace". I'm going for the french country/farmstyle look. Paint it all over! The best thing is you do not have to prime, strip,or sanding. The paint will adhere nicely and stay in tact for the next parts we have to do!
So apply Mod Podge to the front side of your image. Yes the FRONT side. The side with the ink!
Wait 24 hours and then apply some warm water with a rag or paper towel and begin rubbing off the image. You will see all the little pieces of paper scrub off, leaving your beautiful image behind!
Easy peasy right??!
Check out this cute image I put on a terra cotta pot!
Endless possibilities! What will you try this technique on?

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  • Junk Monkey Paint   (
  • Wood   (Local Hardware Store)
  • Prints   (Online)
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  • Bryankeythsokol Bryankeythsokol on Jul 09, 2017
    So you applied MidPodge to front of image and then stuck that front, glued side to the board or other surface and allowed it to sit? So the image will be reversed, right?

  • Elaine Elaine on May 04, 2019

    I have alot of unused paint. Will any paint work for this transfer project? Also, what is ModPodge?



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