Paint Your Floor in One Day!

Eve Moore Kiser
by Eve Moore Kiser
2 Materials
8 Hours
My bedroom carpet was old and worn out so I wanted to replace it with wood flooring till I started pricing it... that's when it hit me I could paint it myself to look like woodicon

So I ripped up the carpet and stated clean up all the debris that was left behind checking very carefully for any leftover Staples in the floor

Did not need to do much sanding, and the Floor was plywood so I went through my old paint and I found dark gray paint and light gray paint it was just regular wall painticon

I stated with the dark gray around the edges of the floor first then finished painting the rest of it drying time was about an houricon

Started Painting light gray on top of the dark gray working in smaller areas and then using my wood graining tool I would rub it down and make the wood effect. ..looking goodicon

, putting a piece of quarter round molding all the way around the room to hide the gap from where the carpet came out from under the molding....

After the molding went down I started by putting three coats of polyurethane on it letting dry between each coat... by drying a couple hours in between the codes and I did not put any furniture back on it till the next day....

Loving my new floor and it's so easy to clean

Having fun with Eve's Saturday Projects icon

Happy happy! icon
Suggested materials:
  • Old house paint light grey dark grey, gallon of polyurethane clear,
  • 1 paint roller and pan tools to take the carpet up with and one wood graining tool
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  • Sharon Syler Sharon Syler on Mar 20, 2017
    Did you coat it with polyethylene afterwards?

  • Linda Linda on Jun 24, 2017
    I'm wondering about your wood graining tool? Is that the name of it? Can it be gotten at a home improvement store? I took my carpet out last year and have wanted to do something creative. I have plywood (which is layed in different directions) and pressed wood...I'm thinking of using a solid stain..any ideas?

  • Mississippi Mo Mississippi Mo on Sep 11, 2018

    i love it! Great job! And so resourceful! What type of flooring was under the carpet? Plywood or concrete? I’m curious bc I’d love to try this over my plywood.

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  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jun 15, 2017
    Thanks! This is something I've been wanting to try!I

  • Tammy Windsor Brown Tammy Windsor Brown on Sep 11, 2017
    Wow, awesome. My carpet is horrible and old... and I hear ya, with the price of new flooring, it's crazy. What tool or brush did you use to apply the polyurethane? Thank you.

    • Eve Moore Kiser Eve Moore Kiser on Sep 11, 2017
      Just regular paint roller on an extension handle and it worked great but I did use a brush to get around the edges in the corners first.... I hope this helps thanks for asking