Asked on Nov 05, 2015

Does faux finish make kitchen look dated

by HappyGrandmaGA
Help me decide what to do! Our home has been for sale for 3 months and no buyers yet although we live in active-adult community in GA that is booming! A designer friend told me to paint my faux finish kitchen a neutral color since it makes the home look dated. Once our contract expires on Monday, I will consider doing this but since we dropped the price by $10K, I figured that the new buyer would have plenty of money to hire a painter for the entire house!? Yet, others tell me people want a move-in ready home (which ours is!) and not do any painting at all.
UPDATE: I attached a photo of the sitting area with a few changes. It appears so much nicer now before painting (furniture is deep chestnut brown, not purple as it may appear)....2 realtors said my house will now appeal to so many more people with just the rearranging of furniture & making it appear larger. Why didn't they tell me that 3 months ago....thanks to my designer friend who came over and offered to help me!!!
q now the photos attach kitchen s faux finish question, home decor, kitchen design, wall decor
q now the photos attach kitchen s faux finish question, home decor, kitchen design, wall decor
q now the photos attach kitchen s faux finish question, home decor, kitchen design, wall decor
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  • Pam Lewandowski Pam Lewandowski on Nov 05, 2015
    I'm commenting because I've been wondering the same thing. Thank you so much for asking this question!!! HOWDY from Texas!!!

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 05, 2015
      @Pam Lewandowski Let's hope we get helpful answers! The first picture posted is outdated but could not find a current one....I have a plain jute type square rug under the table and covered the chair seats with a plain nubby gold fabric and decluttered. That area looks much better now.

  • Janettey Janettey on Nov 05, 2015
    I think your home is beautiful. Really, but I would paint to make it brighter and lighter.

  • Pam Lewandowski Pam Lewandowski on Nov 05, 2015
    It's absolutely beautiful!!

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 05, 2015
      @Pam Lewandowski Awwww, thank you!!! All of my friends love my kitchen, saying it feels so warm and cozy. But, time to move on....will probably have to paint.

  • Janettey Janettey on Nov 05, 2015
    You could have a painting party with friends. Send invites, make it fun and plan party food in or out. Reward them with blue ribbons for quickest, messiest, the one wearing the most paint. Hugs and appreciation always help bond.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 05, 2015
    So heres another thought ,what does the real estate agent suggest?

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    • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 05, 2015
      @HappyGrandmaGA And I agree. You are payng the realtor to sell your home and if they felt painting was in order that should have been stated from the begining. Please go with you own extinct as I feel It is stressful enough selling a home.

  • Gwen Gwen on Nov 05, 2015
    Yes. It does date us and I watched how quickly the trends changed in the 50's sitcoms so it's nothing new. You say the area is booming. Look at a model senior home. What color is on their wall? I'd use an inexpensive paint that's suppose to cover without primer. Give yourself a budget of say $400 total to update the house. Now. Look around. All is pristine clean. But feels dark? Valances seem dark. Can you just have a he shades or a flimsy white curtain ( Ikeas are cheap white that do look nice). Very very reasonable. Rather than four huge round placemats in a dark color of red what about looking at StoneGable on Pinterest or her blog? She's redone her house to feel lighter. What's on her table? She uses candles on a round mirror and Mercury glass pillars. Check her out bits not stuffy but light. Think TJMaxx or Walmart or even looking through your collection of candlesticks grouped on a glass tray with white candles that are cheaper at Christmas aisles in Walgreen or other stores for Christmas. Rugs. Dark. Look at Ross for an inexpensive light color patterned rug. I've gotten for my daughter. Check Wayfair. Keep to that budget. Use a throw to add texture. They are inexpensive at west elm to Target to Khols. Keep things light. Pillows. Toss a large one behind the bird ones. Remember this is not your house it is staging. Instead of the decorative piece under bar, buy a few pieces of lumber cut to different lengths and make a shiplack look.dont spend tons on this. You'll be painting it. Toss out what's high on above shelving cabinersv hang a larger piece of art on wall brvtale. Check hometalkmand pinterestv For ideas.

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 05, 2015
      @Gwen Wow, thanks for all the tips! The first pic is outdated and I do have a jute type rug under the kitchen table and lighter gold & cream nubby fabric on the chair seats. I agree with the placemats and will take your advice on the candles, etc. I saw the perfect throw so will get that today. My designer friend told me to remove the bird pillows and replace with a single gold pillow so I did that. Not sure about the valances....they were custom and the black matches the distressed fireplace...but they are dark. I appreciate your time and ideas! Will get to work on those today! And, I did just update the photo of the dinette area.

  • Grace Nielsen Grace Nielsen on Nov 05, 2015
    Although I really love the Tuscan vibe in your home, I do think a buyer would indeed like a neutral paint color.

  • on Nov 05, 2015
    First off, you have a lovely home, and everything in it seems like it's in great condition. With that said, we do think painting the walls white especially in your kitchen will make your home appear brighter. Not everyone is a fan of faux finishes, and it may be distracting to potential home buyers. Here's a post about white kitchens that you may find helpful:

  • Shari Shari on Nov 05, 2015
    Have you had many prospective buyers tour your home in the 3 months it has been on the market? Are the buyers' real estate agents giving your agent any feedback on why their clients aren't making offers? Are there a glut of other homes for sale in your community, making the competition stiff? Do you have any insights on what it is about the other homes that are selling? While it appears your home has many of the things buyers deem important (wood floors, a nice kitchen with stainless appliances, open & airy rooms, lots of windows with a great view etc.), I do feel the faux finish on the walls looks dated. If a home met all of my other expectations, I would not hesitate to put in an offer just because I didn't like the color(s) on the walls--I'd just go in and repaint as soon as the deal was sealed--but I have repeatedly heard what your designer friend is telling you, people want houses that are move-in ready. Neutral walls are considered move-in ready. Faux finished walls are not. On the positive side though, at least you weren't told you need (expensive) kitchen or bathroom renovations to update your home. Paint is a fairly inexpensive and easy update, especially if you can DIY the project. If I were you, I would heed your designer friend's advice and repaint. Besides repainting a neutral color, I would go one step further and remove 99.9% of your accessories, wall art, patterned rugs and fabric window treatments because, in addition to the faux wall treatments, these things emphasize your decorating style, (mostly "Tuscan"), which doesn't appeal to everyone. Believe me, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that prospective home buyers can't see past these non-permanent things! However, it just might be that in order for your home to appeal to these unimaginative buyers, you may have to strip the majority of the color and all of the decor touches out of your home so it reads neutral in color and not specific to any one decorating style. Frustrating, I know, but just a few color and accessory editing changes may give you an edge over other homes for sale in your area, possibly making the difference between a successful sale or continuing to let your home sit on the market with no offers. Good luck!

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 05, 2015
    We have had several people coming through but the main complaints is that the main floor is not large enough so that is why I rearranged the furniture which did help the look. Others looking were not ready to buy. Our main floor is 2,000 SF while the basement man cave with kitchen is another 1,334 finished SF....there is a huge amount of unfinished storage in the basement, too. We were told most people do not want basements or homes over $350K yet there have been 4 basement homes nearby that just sold for way over that amount up to and over $500K. Inventory is low now so a realtor said resales will become more popular now. Once the contract ends on Monday, we will strip the decor and paint the kitchen. Just that one room alone may make all the difference. Thanks for your time and tips!!!

    • Shari Shari on Nov 05, 2015
      @HappyGrandmaGA It amazes me people view 2,000 sq.ft. on the main floor as "not large enough," especially in an adult community. You have to presume it would be an older couple, not a family with growing kids, that would be buying your home. How much space does an older couple really need? :::rolling my eyes::: My husband and I lived in a 2 BR/1BA 1300 sq. ft home for 35 years (and raised our daughter there). While I often longed for more storage (and an extra bathroom!), it was a cute and cozy little house, plus it was super easy to clean and maintain. It was in a great neighborhood and we were really happy there. Now we're in a 2500 sq. ft home which is way too much for just the two of us. With 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, an office, a family room, formal living/dining rooms, a breakfast room, a sun room, and a huge laundry room, we've got multiple rooms we don't even use! (The cat even has her own bedroom!) However, we bought for the property, not the house, and while the house is nice (especially since we've put so much time and money into renovations), there are many things I still greatly miss about my "little house." Hang in there. You have a lovely home so I'm sure some smart buyer will come along, appreciate everything it has to offer, and snatch it up!

  • Dee Dee on Nov 05, 2015
    Definitely.............paint it

  • Fiona Janine Fiona Janine on Nov 05, 2015
    I associate the faux finish look with the 90s. The house has a nice open floor plan, shiny wood floors, new appliances, and great light. I'd love to live there! I'd paint it a warm neutral color like Sherwin Williams "Restful White." Some sort of eggshell white color would work well, I think.

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 05, 2015
      @Fiona Janine Sounds wonderful !!! I am pretty sure I did pick up that color I am excited about the changes! Thanks!

  • Jan Loehr Jan Loehr on Nov 05, 2015
    I think your layout is very open and inviting. I would paint all the walls with the yellow-gold faux swirls to a neutral cooler Khaki color which would give a smooth uncluttered look on the walls & people would notice how the black pops on the khaki...Check Home Depot for their wonderful paint plus primer line...they have so many colors to choose from...I have painted every room in my house with Behr Paint and just love it!

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 05, 2015
      @Jan Loehr Thanks! Your idea sounds great!! Can't wait to do this but kicking myself for not painting before listing 3 months ago....I feel really upset about wasting all that time and not selling...everyone told us our home will sell in a heartbeat so we are truly puzzled! My back yard is large, flat, private and really pretty!!!! Once the kitchen is painted, I will feel much better! A realtor & stager is coming over tomorrow so am excited about that and her further ideas! You actually live really close to me in GA!

  • Gwen Gwen on Nov 05, 2015
    Also remember that it only takes one person to buy your home. Yes those valances are custom. But they are yours, not the house's. So if you DO take them down now, you may have them to use in your next home--possibly putting several together to cover a larger window or cutting one down to cover a smaller window. You get to redecorate your new home in what you love. I'd say a white round bath mat. They are $10 ( there about) at World Market. Hang one new white towel ( reasonable there too plus thick and rich looking). Then roll a couple and place in a brown dollar store basket. They even have designer soaps for $1 so unwrap a couple and nestle in the basket. That's all on the counter. Don't use shower curtains for show. Have your personal things in a basket you store under sink. I've been a firm believer don't think like yourself. Think like a buyer. Once again: look at the model homes with which you compete. Make yours shine. By being not boring but move in ready. I have prayed your lovely home becomes quickly marketable. Do not be spending a lot for pillows and throws you don't really want. Look through your crystal or brass you can group on a tray. Trays are big. Books in the colors of your accent colors are big. Sort through and find all your books in those colors and fill a bookshelf or stack three by a bedside table. Turn other books around to the pages and place an object a top. Minimal yet look at your own things in a new way. You have a friend saying suggestions but had you thought of simply turning the pillows to the blank side? Best of luck to you. May you spend under $400 updating every room. My typing gets wrong after awhile. I meant to say have nothing high above cabinets as area is very narrow. And hang large piece of art on wall by tv. Look at goodwill for frame. I have used a graphic artist to design a saying and she uses an engineering firm to print it. Others take a photo and have an engineering print done at Costco or Office Depot for under ten dollars for a large print. Think cheap yet expensive looking! I have a gift but it's kind of not useful except being chair side boss?!! I hope you are smiling and NOT stressing. There are more joys even in days with much hardships if we but have eyes.

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 06, 2015
      @Gwen Thank you soooooo much for your ideas. A new realtor/designer is coming over today....extremely excited for her designer friend works for her at her real estate company so NOW I will finally be on the right track. Can't wait to paint my kitchen and see the brand new look..I know it will help to sell it fast. Will give you update later.

  • Gwen Gwen on Nov 05, 2015
    I meant roll a couple white washcloths to put in a low small basket

  • 512181 512181 on Nov 06, 2015
    Have you analyzed the pictures of the houses that sold in your neighborhood? Perhaps that might help you adjust your decorating to what buyers want. I do agree that faux finishes are dated. I would go with an off white color that others have suggested. I would take the window treatments down, and some of the smaller pictures. I have noticed that people love what I call the "Pottery Barn" look. Many can see beyond the current decorations, but many cannot. Selling a house is a little like a trick--you are tricking people to believe that if they buy your house, life will be so easy and so wonderful. Everything, including closets and storage areas need to be perfectly organized. I think most people want to just move in and not bother with changing anything. It is an open and lovely space. Make sure all the other rooms have the same "less is more" feeling. Sometimes people rent a pod to put excess stuff in while they sell a house. Best of luck!

  • Marsha Schwarz Marsha Schwarz on Nov 06, 2015
    I have sold several house on my own or with an agent. I needed an agent on the last one and it was sold within an hour and for more than we were asking. ABSOLUTELY you need to do some changes. The paint, the decor... you need to make the house look like I can move in it without having to do anything to make it mine. Take your personal touches out of it. You need to emotionally detach from your home, pack up and store most your stuff and make it a ‘home for sale’ that anyone could live in. One house ... we had allowed our young child to paint the basement walls blocks of bright colors. No sales... the day we changed it out to white, we sold. For some reason people can’t buy a can of paint and they certainly can’t see beyond it... seriously. That change alone will likely sell for you but stay very neutral. Please contact me if you would like some more advice.

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 06, 2015
      @Marsha Schwarz I agree with everything you is confusing to me as to exactly how to realtor told me yesterday that I need to make my home like "new construction" since we are competing with that in this community. However, new construction is staged - the model homes look gorgeous and as if someone lives there...the items they use are very expensive and huge. If I take all of the things off of the walls and decorations, then it will be too stark and plain. I did declutter but will continue to do so...once the contract ends in 3 days, we will definitely paint the kitchen which will make a huge difference. Thank you!!!

  • Margaret Zibura Margaret Zibura on Nov 06, 2015
    What I found to be distracting is the scroll work on the breakfast bar, and I would paint the walls, but neutral...

  • Charlotte Wheeler Charlotte Wheeler on Nov 06, 2015
    Take out everything that you think is cute, the next person may not like your style of cute. .

  • i was also a gold loving girl, but redoing my new "old" house and using Sherwin Williams Balance Beige SW7037 which is in the grey family but still a neutral which goes well with everything! Everyone loves it! Good luck, you could also offer a paint allowance! Your floors look pretty!

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Nov 06, 2015
    Your house is pretty, also too "decorated"!! It has a "theme" dont want "theme"!! I think that is what everyone is saying??Maybe remove pic above fireplace, add a mirror, two candle holders (w/candles) on one side, three pumpkins of different size, on the other, clock moved over towards the candles...take down window treatments, paint walls one color, maybe a white/gray (fireplace stone?) take down all the fleur de lis, Italy things, and the scroll on your island. You have two different rugs under your table, use the plain one! Move your flowers to the kitchen table, add a couple of books to end table. Just remember, no THEME!! Good sure to let us see WHAT sold!!!

    • Victoria Victoria on Nov 06, 2015
      @Pauliegirl1 I agree with your's such 'personal' expression that, although beautiful, doesn't suit everyone. They want to see 'ready but with potential' not 'decorated up to it's ears and not my style'

  • Marsha Schwarz Marsha Schwarz on Nov 06, 2015
    I know exactly what she means. Can you message me on fb or email me?

  • K K on Nov 06, 2015
    This link is one of my favorites: If you don't decide to do it that way, there are tons of ideas on here as I am sure you know already. I like your kitchen the way it is, but I think it would look awesome in that antique country style

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    • K K on Nov 06, 2015
      @HappyGrandmaGA A professional's advice may be worth the money. You may be able to spend quite a bit less than your $10,000 drop, make the suggested changes, raise it back to the original asking price, and close on the deal before Thanksgiving!! I certainly would need a professional because I don't have the talent to visualize and am afraid I would just make a mess of things.

  • Marlene O'Malley Marlene O'Malley on Nov 06, 2015
    The walls are fine. All I see is "black and gold" in entire room and lot of wrought iron. Wrought iron drapery rods, table bases, picture frames, etc. You obviously were going for the Tuscany southwest look, which is becoming out dated. Also your choice of decorative pictures on the walls are too small and insignificant to size of walls. Buy burgundy slipcover(from Sure Fit) for sofa and find area rug with more contemporary look. The one you have is way outdated look. If you spend some time watching HGTV shows on how they transform old homes to sell at higher prices, you will see what is in style now. I do believe the theory that you have to spend a little money to make improvements to your home in order to sell at the price you need. Might be worth it for you to hire an "interior arranger" to come in and give you suggestions and advice. I have been in the decorating field for 30 years, and I don't for a minute believe a realtors suggestion that you should paint your home neutral colors and strip it of all personal pics and possessions, blah,blah... You do need to take those things into consideration and make changes and eliminate things that will make your home look "crowded" or messy.etc.

    • B. Enne B. Enne on Nov 08, 2015
      @Marlene O'Malley I agree with most of your comments, but I don't believe buying a burgundy slipcover will help. IMO her furniture is neutral and fine. Burgundy can often be seen as a dated colour too.

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Nov 06, 2015
    Thanks Victoria...I hope it helps the homeowner......NO THEMES!!

  • Margaret Margaret on Nov 06, 2015
    I believe if you get intouch with a home stager it will be money well spent, and you WILL be able to get the money you want and maybe more

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 06, 2015
    Update: Thanks for all of the suggestions..I met with the new realtor who helps stage and is also a part-time friend (the designer) works for her, too, so they will help me figure all this out....I took TONS of things off of the walls today and we have decided to paint the kitchen. Will see how that looks before doing more...our entryway is the same faux finish but tiny. I changed around the rugs and paintings. Will send pics once I finish up with the kitchen maybe by Tuesday night or Wednesday.

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    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 12, 2015
      @Jill With the help of the new realtor and my designer friend, the home already looks so much better just switching things around, removing some items, changing out the dark curtains & valances for lighter ones in cream or the changes! The painter is here now and I love the new neutral paint color. Can't wait until tonight to see the finished room!!!

  • Tracy Tracy on Nov 07, 2015
    I personally think the house is gorgeous I don't like the yellow walls but I don't like the color yellow but when I look at a house I overlook the paint cause unless Im having the hosue built from the ground up im gonna change the paint anyways the house I just bought had bright red living room walls and a neon green bedroom yuck

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Nov 08, 2015
    I don't have time to read all the comments, so I apologize in advance if I am repeating anything. I think paint does wonders. Although you have a nice house, not everyone likes faux finishes. I remember seeing on tv decorating shows, that faux finishes are often used to hide irregularities in wall finishes; bad taping, mudding, bumps etc., so even if your walls are in good shape, people see work. Some people associate a yellowish finish with nicotine stains (although your house is obviously pristine). This in turn makes people think they will need to scrape, fix or prime everyhting, even if it is not the case. Since your contract is coming up, why not hire one of the agents who sold the on slab homes for 500K +? They obviously know what they are doing. Also have you seen the interior of any of those homes that sold? How are they different form yours...colour, furniture arrangement, smaller furniture, stripped down decor, no pets, air freshener etc.? Try to incorporate some of those ideas in your home. 2000 SF for a main floor is not small, that just sounds like an excuse.

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 08, 2015
    We are getting a new agent later this week who also includes help with staging and professional photos, making a world of difference. My family does not feel I need to paint the walls in the kitchen but I am READY!!! Although I fought that idea, I came to the conclusion it needs to be done. Now to pick out a color with NO yellow (my biggest fault that I can't pick out colors!) and I have 15 paint samples here driving me nuts! I don't think pale gray would do it but I do love the look of grays with tans....painter coming Tues. or Wed. The homes that sold for over $500K are new spec homes with an unfinished basement and horrible back yards overlooking a drainage pond and they each sold to a SINGLE person! Obviously, the sales office is not helping with resales. It has been a hugely frustrating 3 months....shocking that our home did not sell in the first couple of weeks....the photos are "horrible" that were first put out there....I've been trying to update and improve them myself!!! My friends said my home would sell in a heartbeat but here it still is !!! And, the new realtor looked at my master bath and loved it....she was very surprised at how nice it was ....said the photos don't even begin to show it off....all of my rooms look yellow and bright and they are not ! Wish me luck and thanks to all of you who have helped...can't wait to post new pics later this week!!!!

  • Ddarrow333 Ddarrow333 on Nov 08, 2015
    The kitchen has great bones. The faux paint finish and decal/stencil on front of cupboard dates the house.

  • Charro Charro on Nov 12, 2015
    Yes the faux finished walls make it look dated. I think it's very pretty but buyers are looking for neutrals. Another thing I read somewhere is that not many people love the color yellow. People want a more move in ready home. By the time they have stressed over the buying process painting is the last thing on their mind...🙂

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    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 14, 2015
      @Shari I agree with you 100% but I had to take my own photos (many said hers were "horrible") and ask the realtors to download them....a few never were downloaded AND the agents who wanted to show the house called ME to set up a time, the realtor pushed that off onto me, too. Sure wish I had known that I could cancel the contract at any time....but the most awesome realtor came today with my designer friend and I will post some pics in a minute. The professional photographer did a fantastic job and I did not even recognize my own home, he was that good! Can't wait to get this house listed and praying for a bidding war !!!

  • Charro Charro on Nov 12, 2015
    I hope you are able to sell it quickly! Good luck!

  • Marsha Schwarz Marsha Schwarz on Nov 13, 2015
    It's not plain looking at all... it's 'fresh' and makes me want to buy it and put my stamp on it with my personal things! It will be sold in no time. Fantastic job HappyGrandmaGA Be sure and post your SOLD sign in the yard. :)

  • Kimberly Hozer Durbin Kimberly Hozer Durbin on Nov 14, 2015
    This is a lovely room. Buyers, especially younger buyers, are looking for the new neutrals like a warm gray. The buyers might only see a project they have to take on right from the start. We're getting ready to put our home on the market and I'm dreading the idea. Paint store here I come.

  • Marsha Groce Marsha Groce on Nov 14, 2015
    Well I think it is beautiful and I would just sit on it for a while. Pull up those shades and show the back yard but I think it is so fresh and bright. The right people will come along soon! Throw some lemons in a bowl and let the scent go all over the room. I like it!

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 14, 2015
    Here they are, the photos for the new look! It is fresh, bright, open and much bigger looking....I am so nervous! My photos here will not be so great, camera acting up! The professional photographer, my designer friend and realtor all did the most fantastic job. Everything is downsized and neutral. We used a lot of what I already had plus the staging items they brought with them. They added a touch of blue in the kitchen which I love...I never would have thought of that. Happy!!!!

  • Marsha Schwarz Marsha Schwarz on Nov 15, 2015
    Perfect ! ! ! Good job to you and your friends for doing such a super staging maker-over.

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 15, 2015
      @Marsha Schwarz Thanks! My friend even brought over her metal "good luck" angel and put it on top of the TV media center! How sweet is that!?!? I am so lucky! I wanted to raise the price by $25K because 2 houses down from us just sold for that and much more but we kept it the same....not sure about that!?!? Will see what happens when it hits the market maybe Mon or Tues night!!

  • 512181 512181 on Nov 15, 2015
    I think this might work! Looks very nice and fresh looking. My first thought was why the plugs and tv connections were showing, but I guess that is to show people where the tv would go. Looks ready to move in, just what people want.

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 15, 2015
      @Lynda davis Yes, the painting was there but now people can see the TV connection and realize they can have that extra hook up w/o paying extra to have it installed. They can always put a painting there, too. Thanks!

  • Gwen Gwen on Nov 15, 2015
    No need for nerves but I know that feel too. Did you stay at that imaginary budget for staging? I like where you removed one red rug and moved the grass woven rug at an angle in the fireplace seating area. Well done. I'll bet you like it yourself!!! I'm nor hoping nor wishing but praying to my Heavenly Father in Jesus name that He bring the right people. Can you believe all that you have accomplished in such. Short period of time?? Oh how we want to know if youngest your house sold. I'm praying for bidding wars. Smiles!!!!

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    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 15, 2015
      PS - the staging was miraculously included in the contract, I think....but my designer friend works for the realtor so maybe that is why they got together and helped me so much!? They felt sorry for me that my home was not selling when they knew it was a beautiful home but I just needed help moving things, painting things, etc. I told my friend I was going to pay her for her services outside of her other job so that will not be that much.....also, the painter charged only $320 and that included the entire huge kitchen/sitting area and the foyer - - and he bought the that was perfect as far as staying in the budget! :0)

  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Nov 16, 2015
    It looks perfect! I cannot believe that it hasn't sold yet! Best of luck, and great job!

  • Pam Lewandowski Pam Lewandowski on Nov 16, 2015
    Absolutely beautiful. Wow, I thought it was beautiful before. But love, LOVE, LOVE the color! So bright and airy!! <3 Wishing you all the best for a quick sale !!

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 16, 2015
      @Pam Lewandowski Thank you!!!!!! Our realtor just put it up tonight and the wide angled lens used by the professional photographer makes all the difference!!

  • Ddarrow333 Ddarrow333 on Nov 17, 2015
    Much better! Love the stools in front of the stencil too! Great job!

    • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 17, 2015
      @Ddarrow333 the stencil is gone....see the new was actually wrought iron...I really loved my kitchen a LOT but now it is gone and ready for the next owner.....went back on the market last night...can't wait to sell and move to our new home in a great neighborhood!!!

  • Ddarrow333 Ddarrow333 on Nov 17, 2015
    I have no doubt it will sell in no time. Great job and good luck.

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 20, 2015
    FOUR days on the market and not one call and not one showing!!!!!!!!! Not happy but hoping for better days real soon! They say it will pick up next week & around Thanksgiving. The sales office sent postcards to all residents, asking them to list their house with them so perhaps they anticipate a rush of serious buyers before the end of the year......with the low inventory, we have our hopes up !!!

    • Shari Shari on Nov 20, 2015
      @HappyGrandmaGA Your new photos look great! The new paint color and the simple change of hanging size-appropriate artwork made a big difference in making the house look more pulled together. I know you are anxious to sell, especially after wasting 3 months with your previous agent, but I would not get discouraged yet. I've never worked in real estate but I would think the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas would be a very slow time. Most people generally have enough to do during the holiday season without trying to buy a house too, and a lot of people are traveling to be with family, or are having family visiting them. Personally, if I were interested in buying a house, I wouldn't pursue it now if I didn't have to. I'd definitely wait until after Christmas to start the process. I think you'll start to see some increased interest and activity after the hustle-bustle of the holidays are over.

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Nov 20, 2015
    We've heard varying opinions on the best time to sell....seems as though some people would be in the area visiting kids and would perhaps use that time to tour homes while here. Plus, there is a tax incentive to close by the end of the of my friends said she found the very best time to sell is around this time so hope she is right!!!! My new realtor said the site has not yet populated to all the sites but I am not so sure about that....seems like all agents would have had it by now!! Thanks and will keep everyone posted.

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Dec 10, 2015
    UPDATE: Dec. 10 - house has been relisted 3 1/2 weeks and only ONE view by an interested buyer who saw sign as she was driving by!!!! We are in shock that our house has not sold yet in Canton, GA and all others much more expensive and not as nice have been sold. The market can't be that slow!?!? Please say a prayer that this house gets sold before the end of December. Thanks!!!!

  • Marsha Schwarz Marsha Schwarz on Dec 11, 2015
    Wow, I'm shocked too. I have to suggest that it's not your home, it's the 'times'. Life is tough right now for a lot of people and then throw the holidays in, I don't think people are moving right now. I'm so sorry for you. Hang in there! May just be a bright new year for you in a few weeks. :) In my prayers...

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Dec 11, 2015
    Thanks! I would agree with the timing BUT the sales officer here said they are extremely busy, having sold 15 lots for new home builds in the last 3 weeks yet not one person has looked at my house. Apparently they are not directing them to any resales, just the expensive new builds. And, all of the resales & spec homes that have sold in the last month were way over $460K up to $545K and those are unfinished basements and hardly any upgrades or landscaping!!! Ours is only $400K and move in ready with a gorgeous private large back yard, patio, deck, etc. After four months on the market, I am soooooo upset and unhappy. I can't think of anything else I can do except to personally hand out flyers up at the sales office!!! There are flyer boxes and those are out for all to see but nothing!!!! Anyway, thanks for the kind words of encouragement and please say a prayer for a fast sale this month!!! :0)

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Dec 27, 2015
    Hi, Everybody! Hope your Christmas was fun and blessed with family and friends. Good news to report: we finally after 5 months sold our house. We had to reduce it another $11,000 and the buyers offered even less and wanted a massive amount of furniture and appliances thrown in..I was too shocked to think and we only had 90 minutes to get back to them. Consequently, we did not counter offer too smartly and lost more money BUT it is over...just waiting to sign the contract and praying there are no more troubles. Thanks for sticking with me through all this!!!!!

  • Pam Lewandowski Pam Lewandowski on Dec 28, 2015
    I can not tell you how happy I am for you!! I know you've been worrying (understatement) for so long. SUPER proud for you. NOW ---- keep us posted on all your new creations, etc in your new home!!! xoxo from Texas !!!

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Dec 28, 2015
    Thank you for the kind words! That means a lot! Have a blessed & Happy New Year!

  • Suzanne Suzanne on Dec 29, 2015
    I like the paint but I am a real estate agent in SC and can see why most would want to paint. That still is not 10k worth. Must be another reason. Houses are selling now so if it is not location it must be price or new home compettion. Good luck! Hope you sell soon!

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Dec 29, 2015
    Yes, we finally got a contract but they have a 10 day due diligence. We are competing against new construction as the subdivision just opened up 2 new phases and then more right around the corner for much cheaper! And, the 2 houses next to us just went on the market for dirt cheap & sold so that is why we now lowered our price by a total of $24K and that is not good !!! Thanks, though, for taking the time to respond.

  • HappyGrandmaGA HappyGrandmaGA on Dec 29, 2015
    We painted the faux finish but the timing was all wrong. We waited too long to list the house as now we are competing against TONS of new construction here and cheaper homes next door.

  • Dfm Dfm on Dec 31, 2015
    HI! I feel your pain with all the new construction in the area. however...your place is "experienced" the minor details and bugs have all been worked out, all mechanicals function as they should. (hopefuly) The best advice i got when showing my homes to buyers was to depersonalize the space...neutral paint on the walls,nick-knacks& collectibles packed up, smaller pieces of furniture removed. pets corralled in crates. the biggest to- do "spotlessly clean" no one really wants to buy someone's dirt and grime. show off the floor space....'space' being the key. I left just enough furniture in place to show how to make an awkward area work, and to make sense of the open floor plan. Then make the buyers remember you place for the right reasons. My last home became the "quilt house" with the 10 ft ceilings and higher peaks, there was plenty of space for statement pieces. 1 of the larger art quilts properly hung on each level, and all the beds topped with age appropriate quilts. create an inviting stop and have a "sit down and talk about this place" firm but comfortable chairs, a place to park a purse or folder. This place was put on the market after the major relocation spree of my college town had passed. was told it was an old folks house- It could take a months to sell. it had levered handles on the faucets, a walk-in shower, wide 36 inches doors, double hand rails for the stares. walking ramp to the door. Had a solid offer the first 24 hours on the market. state law said I had to wait 48h in case other offers came in. sold above asking 48 hours later. there is hope.

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    • Dfm Dfm on Jan 02, 2016
      I'm a firm believer things happen for reasons unknown to us.....and when that happens ... the end point is usually much better than we ever could have expected or imagined. best of luck in the new place!