Asked on Sep 26, 2014


by Sharon
best way to paint paneling?
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  • Good cleaning first off using TSP to remove any oils or build up of past cleaning chemicals on the surface. Then a light sanding using 220 sand paper to remove any remaining gloss on the surface. Wipe clean again let dry. You need to prime the surface by brushing all the groves I the paneling follow by using a 1/2" nap roller. Be sure to wash the roller first to remove any lint from the manufacturing process. Leave it damp if your using latex paint. If the panel is dark, I would suggest that you tint the primer somewhat to match your new color. It will help a lot with the final coverage. Do not use the primer and paint combo paint everyone is using. Get a good quality primer and start with that. Once primed you can use a 3/8 nap roller to give you a smooth finish.

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 29, 2014
    where do you get TSP and what is that exactly?

  • Trisodium Phosphate Here is a link at Lowe's HD carries this also.

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 29, 2014
    Thank you!!!