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Sending out an SOS!!!

Therese C
by Therese C
I have just bought a home..yay me!! is where I need the help of all you wonderful people! The kitchen cupboards are a very dark color (nearly a black walnut), and the counters are '70's orange (heaven help me). There are no scars on the counters, for this I am lucky and would like to paint them black marble. I can easily do this marble look, but have forgotten what to coat them with and have them be food safe. Next question: I shall prime the cupboards after degreasing, so I can paint them a crisp white (top cupboards), but want suggestion for a unique bottom cupboard look. The floor will be grey and white marble tile, fridge and stove white. I have a very nice window over the sinks, bar top to the dinette, and window by the fridge, so lighting is no problem. Okay, now the big problem: My sinks are, heaven save me, chocolate brown...eekes!!!...What is the paint called that you can do the sinks with? I thought it was porcelain paint (?). All help is greatly appreciated!! You folks are the best and I put my new home in your creative hands.
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  • I would not paint kitchen sinks. I have spoken to many professionals (because I have a cast iron huge double bowl sink that is off white ugh but I cannot find a new one in white) ---who will not do kitchen sinks because they see so much abuse and the paint will not last. My suggestion is to watch at your Home Depot or Lowes for clearance and returns that they mark down and find the one you want. Or even check out any thrift stores. Good luck.

  • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Oct 07, 2013
    Have you tried to locate a sink at one of the many Habitat For Humanity Restore locations in your area? I would give them a shout. It can't hurt.:)

  • Beth Bourque Beth Bourque on Oct 07, 2013
    Larose is right. Plus, if yours is in good shape, you can donate it right back. On another note, brown isn't all that bad when you mix it with black. Also, brown and sky blue is very trendy. Brown and grey is also very chic.

  • Hamtil Construction LLC Hamtil Construction LLC on Oct 07, 2013
    70's orange counters? Pictures please!

  • You may want to scour the local home improvement stores for counter tops too. You have to remember that painting is going to take many coats of paint and poly and many days of working on the counter to get it right. I would paint the cabinets (which is also going to take you a few days) but the counter tops I would check out other sources before taking the plunge. Good luck

  • Therese C Therese C on Oct 08, 2013
    @Hamtil Construction LLC ...if I thought you would be interested in purchasing these counters, I would say I'd call you when they are ready to have no marks, scars, or blemishes on them at all (as perfect as I have ever seen!) . If they were nearly any other color I might be okay, but 70's orange is not my thing...*sigh. I have checked with the local HFH Restore and am preparing to make a trip up there within a week or so. They have a SS sink, black stove, black fridge, and black washer/dryer set for a one price bargain if I buy all 4 pieces...I think yes!

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    • Therese C Therese C on Oct 15, 2013
      @Bernice H I wish I could get all the girls here to dive in, but I will be using vanilla cream and white paint to marble, then threading in (using a peacock feather) metallic copper. I do hope it turns out nice. Thank you dear for your help!

  • Nancy Spencer Carlson Nancy Spencer Carlson on Oct 10, 2013
    This will probably get me boo'd off the page. However, I do speak from experience. Honest. And you can replace it (or sections of it) with ease and for maybe $10... Okay, I'll take a chance and tell you. Contact paper. I have used it for a kitchen counter before. So you have to use a cutting board and not put hot pans on it. How hard is that, right? I offer the following picture to show you the difference and the look. Since the paper is only 18" wide, and the countertop is 24", you will have to work from back to front in sections. Depending on the pattern you use, the seams will fade away. I used the beige pebble looking stuff from Wal-Mart. If this pattern would work for you, it will blend the chocolate sink right into the countertop. (By the way, I have a sink that fits the description of yours.) This will work until you can get a real countertop. Easy. You will be flabbergasted at the difference it will make. I have to tell people it's contact paper. They always assume it's stone.

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    • Z Z on Oct 12, 2013
      @Connie Nikiforoff Designs I think I'm stuck with black and stainless in our current kitchen as the floor is white and taupe check ceramic tiles and I don't care for white appliances. Though with our darker cabinets white might work quite well.

  • Nancy Spencer Carlson Nancy Spencer Carlson on Oct 11, 2013
    Come to think of it, since it's so easy to replace, those of us who have a tendency to change our minds about decor so often could really use this! One season, do stone. Get tired of that - try wood. There is always black or white marble. Not to mention the floral stuff. I can see this being a wonderful idea! I need to do MY kitchen countertops, now that you mention it.

  • Cyndi Cyndi on Oct 11, 2013
    If you have the budget for it, you can try the stone yards, sometimes they have remnants that they sell cheaper than the full sheets. Sometimes if someone has order granite and it has been cut but something was wrong for the previous customer sometimes you can get a good price on it. Just a thought...

  • Becky Becky on Oct 11, 2013
    Therese, I have painted 8 bathroom counter tops and I use Entex lite. I get it at hobby lobby. It is 29.99 but I use my 40% off coupon from my HL app. It is really scary the 1st time but you can do it! I recommend a small blow torch for the bubbles. Follow the directions exactly and COVER EVERYTHING as it is soooo sticky. Good luck!

  • Becky Becky on Oct 11, 2013
    Therese, the name of the resin coating is Entex lite. It is 29.99 at Hobby Lobby but I use the 40% off coupon from the HL app. I have done 8 bathrooms so far and it is scary at first. I recommend a small blow torch for the bubbles. Cover everything! It is extremely sticky. Good luck!

    • Therese C Therese C on Oct 15, 2013
      @Becky Thank you sooooo much Becky! I have a Hobby Lobby in Des Moines and will be going there.

  • Z Z on Oct 12, 2013
    Therese I'm so tickled for you I'm doing a happy dance! Congratulations girlfriend. When do you move in? I'm with David or Paul (?) from Hamtil Construction LLC, I want pictures. What were you thinking leaving us hanging like this? Now about that deal at ReStore. Do you think they'll be there if you wait? If it were not for the black appliances I'd have said work with the brown sink. But I've never cared too much for mixing black and brown unless it was stained wood. Then it works quite well for some reason. In fact I think it's quite rich looking as both wood and black just have that Mmmmmm look! Below is a couple virtuals I did for another friends kitchen. She wanted two tone cabinets like you do and these were my suggestions. Though the bottom on in my virtuals are painted brown I put it there so you could maybe kind of sort of tell what it might look like leaving the bottom stained walnut. Speaking of that, do you know what kind of wood the cabinets are?

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    • Z Z on Oct 16, 2013
      @Therese, isn't it great to have children willing to help? I know our children have both been great help to use over the years. Had I know they could be so helpful when they grew up I'd have had more! LOL Now I'm just kidding.

  • Just 4 You Organizing Just 4 You Organizing on Oct 13, 2013
    Rustoleum makes great stuff for counters and but no sanding or priming

  • Melissa Melissa on Oct 14, 2013
    There's a cheaper way to paint counter tops than the Rustoleum, and it does last well. I painted my smooth, flecked gold from the 60's, Formica with a Kilzall oil based primer, then 2 layers of dark green DuraMax that was rolled on with a small, smooth roller. It looked great for years! People did not recognize that it was painted. My only suggestion would be to have the primer tinted to match, as it will occasionally chip if you don't have rounded outer edges (I didn't). You can touch that up easily, but it would've been smarter to tint the base primer. Not at all expensive!

  • Melissa Melissa on Oct 14, 2013
    This was a Christopher Lowell show suggestion, when he was on HGTV. I bought the DuraMax at Lowe's.

  • Therese C Therese C on Oct 15, 2013
    You have all have had wonderful answers and I am feeling a bit gutsier with my go ahead...Nervous(?)..absolutely, but ready to get it going. I will post, and now I warn you, VERY scary before photos, some as-I-go photos, and then the big (hopefully) tah-dah photos! Thank you all for being so supportive! That is the reason I have come to all of you. What a fine mix of talent, ideas, and experienced know how, there is here on HT.

    • Z Z on Oct 16, 2013
      Looking forward to the before pix @Therese. When do you take possession?

  • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Jan 06, 2014
    Therese C-- If you decide against painting check out this product (Hubby and I are planning on using in near future for counter tops we are making for craft room this coming Spring) - While they don't have it in marble do have a black granite and 2 other colors. Rachel Ray endorses it. included a picture of it

  • Therese C Therese C on Jan 06, 2014
    @ Cynthia E. thank you so much for the link!!

  • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Jan 08, 2014
    Therese --- you can add a large molding as a frame on cabinet doors and drawers (or inside frame a smaller molding if already has a frame. Paint Cabinets a med-dark Grey in your tiles and then use a wash of lighter grey or white over molding and maybe other areas to antique it. Center panels can be cut out like they do on uppers and replaced w/ glass, plexi-glass, chicken wire, perforated radiator metals. If you don't want to cut out if you go with the granite film you could use that on centers of doors or they also have a product stainless steel film that can be used on appliances or insert area on doors. Depends on the look you are going for. You could paint the hardware with Sophisticated Finishes (all metal types and patina colors for them if want) (not really paint but metal you want to use ground up in a bonder that applies like paint. I have used the Sophisticated Finishes and I love it. We are building a cover for our standard range hood (blah one) that I will be doing in copper to go with my sink.-- As long as these products are sealed they withstand water well so could be used on sinks no scrub pads but wash out with sponge and soap like you do real copper to keep from scratching. They do sell the porcelain paints for sinks and tubs so could try that also.

  • Therese C Therese C on Jan 14, 2014
    @Cynthia E thank you for the links!!! Very helpful!!

  • Z Z on Jan 14, 2014
    @Therese, have you moved in yet?

  • Catherine Guckian Biondi Catherine Guckian Biondi on Sep 09, 2015
    I'd love to see white uppers with black lowers, all with the same brushed nickel hardware. Beautiful!