What is an inexpensive but effective way to refinish my bathtub?

by Anita
The wall tiles are fine. A finish was "painted" on a couple years ago but it has started to peal off bit by bit.

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  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Dec 28, 2017
    What is inexpensive to you?

    You can try to repaint your tub yourself, but as you've seen...the durability can be an issue. Rustoleum makes a tub/tile product that would probably be the least expensive.

    You can get tub liners at the hardware store for under $500 (depending upon the mfgr/style of your tub) and the cost of a plumber to install it.

    You might want to consider professional reglazing, which starts at about $600 on up. Also known as refinishing or resurfacing, the process costs much less than replacing the tub. You can change the color to update the bath. Once the tub is reglazed, it should look like new, retaining its glossy appearance for about 10 years. Tub technicians fill in any cracks and chips. You can relax in your reglazed bathtub the following night.

    • I have had a number of tubs reglazed and never paid $600 or more, but depending upon what part of the country you live in, prices vary. If properly reglazed, a finish can easily last 25 - 50 years or more. I did the tub at my mom's house in 2007 - tub looks brand new even today, just follow their instructions for regular cleaning. Harsh chemicals dull and eat away at the surface. Many people use them not knowing how much damage they are doing.