Step 1: Grab a table for a faux tile update

Here's how an old table turns into a boutique treasure. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Place a tile stencil in the center

Find the center of your tabletop and begin the Ceramic Tile stencil with one tile centered there. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Remove stencil and repeat the process

Make sure the stencil is always aligned with the pattern you already painted. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Place a patterned stencil over tiles

Use painter's paint tape to keep the stencil from shifting while you work. Get tutorial here

Step 7: Paint in the details for each tile

Paint with different colors to make each square look like a unique tile. Get tutorial here

Step 8: Tape over a faux grout line

Lay tape over the line to create a faux grout line when you add a border. Get tutorial here

Step 2: Dip tips of brush into paint

Mix 1 part Bright Gold with ½ part Antique Gold Royal Stencil Crème paints. Offload excess paint on a paper towel. Get tutorial here

Step 3: Add first coat in a circular motion

Paint in your first color, keeping the brush moving in a circular motion the whole time. Get tutorial here

Step 4: Make it colorful! Add another color

Stencil the details with Shimmer Pink, Orange Ice, Peacock Fancy or Lime Shine for a bright accent. Get tutorial here

Step 6: Move the stencil over & repeat

Repeat the steps until the entire wall is stenciled with colorful camels!!! Get tutorial here

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An inexpensive way to banish your plain planters from your home! Get tutorial here

Step 4: Lay stencil sheet on pot and paint

Spray the back of the stencil with spray adhesive and position it along the side of the flower pot. Get tutorial here

Step 5: Peel back the stencil and repeat

Resposition on the next side to complete the entire flower pot. Get tutorial here