Staining Pressure Treated Wood - No Waiting Required

by Rai144661
2 Hours
Grunt Labor recently built a deck coming off our screened-in porch. Of course, since it has to weather the elements, it was built with pressure treated wood. Many people say to wait at least six months before staining this type of wood. However, I am not a patient person. I found a stain where no waiting is required!
The new deck needed to be stained. Many say to wait six months to stain pressure treated wood - ain't nobody got time for that! I found a stain where no waiting is required.
The stain had a mauve-y brown tone as it came out of the can - don't fear though - it loses the mauve-y look as it dries.
A couple hours later, the result was a beautifully stained deck that is protected for three years with just one coat.
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