5 Totally Awesome Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

Camille Walker
by Camille Walker
Chalkboard paint has quickly become a craft sensation and for good reason. Chalkboard paint can awaken the artist in all of us. While most chalkboard paint projects use black or green chalkboard paint, chalkboard paint is now available in virtually any color. If you don’t believe me, just check out Benjamin Moore’s chalkboard paint selection. So pick your favorite color and then choose a project that will benefit you the most. Here are some really cool projects to get you thinking:
1. Paint an entire wall – Why not give the kids a wall they CAN actually write on?! Choose a wall in your child’s bedroom or consider a wall in the family room or even the hallway. Just remember to explain to your family members the difference between the walls they can write on and the walls they can’t!
2. Paint the front of the refrigerator – Yes, you read that correctly. Did you know you can paint the front of the refrigerator? The process is simpler than you might think:

1. Remove all food from the fridge, as it will be unplugged for several hours.

2. Remove the handle, unplug the fridge, and slide it out into the open.

3. Use fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand the fridge door. You do not need to remove all of the original paint.

4. Wipe down the surface with a damp rag to create a clean canvas.

5. Let the surface dry.

6. Use a magnetic primer first to keep your fridge magnetic. (This is only important if this really matters to you, as the primer will cost more than the paint itself.)

7. Apply the first coat of paint. You can use a sponge roller to apply the chalkboard paint, or consider spending a little more and buy chalkboard paint that comes in a spray can.

8. Let the first layer dry fully and then apply a second layer.

9. Repeat step 8 for a third layer, if desired.

Place various colors of chalk nearby and let your creative juices start flowing. You can use this new surface for something as simple as an ongoing grocery list or as elaborate as a detailed mural.
3. Paint the coffee table – this project is especially beneficial if your coffee table is in need of some touch ups any way, or if you can find a great table at a yard sale to refinish. Choose a bright color to add some life to the room and then pick out a design for the tabletop to create in chalk. Don’t stress too much about the end result. You can always change the design at any time!

4. Paint small frames – get some picture frames you really like. Paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Once the paint is dry, put the glass back in the frames. You can prop the frames around your home, hang them on the walls, or even hang them up as a garland. You can use these little frames for countless messages. Use one frame for each letter of a word you want to focus on. Write down favorite quotes. Use the boards to write love notes to family members. Draw small pictures. Use these little canvases for anything you like!

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Camille Walker
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