Blush Pink Paint

by Eliscia
2 Materials
2 Hours

Hi Y'all!

Let me tell you, I’m very much into painting my walls light with a hint of color and great accents to give a pop of color these days! Painting a room a light color makes it brighter and more spacious in my opinion.

I'm always looking to find great quality paint that can also cover up my toddlers wall markings AKA Art. But when it comes to sharpie markers, I find it very hard to find a great paint that can do the job.

I went with Graham & Brown paint with a hint of pink. The paint is so thick and goes on so smooth and covered all the wall stains. I definitely recommend this high quality pant. As you can see the photos below, it covers up the stains in one paint coat!!! I was so impressed!! I definitely recommend this paint to all!


  1. Graham & Brown Paint (Pendleton Color)
  2. Paint Roller
  3. Paint mixer brush
  4. Brush for trim
  5. Wipes
  6. Ladder

Pendleton Color

How To: ( I don't use painters tape) Optional

  1. Fill in any holes
  2. Clean off walls and dust
  3. I use dry wall plaster repair (or tooth paste)
  4. Then sand for a smooth feel to hand
  5. Next Lay a old sheet or drop cloth down to put paint tools on along with can and paint gallon

Painting process:

  1. Open your gallon of paint
  2. Mix paint very well
  3. Priming is optional, if not this paint is very true to color without primer. Either or.
  4. Start with your roller and paint the walls as low as you can go and as high as you can get!

5.Grab your brush and paint can and start painting the spots you couldn't get

6.Wipe off the paint that gets onto molding. I use a wet paper towel or baby wipes if I have them on hand!

7.After that, let paint dry and sit back and enjoy how fresh the room looks!

Finished project up close! Such a soft color!!

Suggested materials:
  • Paint Roller   (Lowes)
  • Paint Brush   (Lowes)
  • Dry wall plaster repair   (lowes)
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