Another 4 years

Well it is finely over. Regardless of who you voted for this year or your affiliation with any party. What is your business outlook going to be now that were starting up again for another four more years.
Are you planning to expand, shrink?
Would you start up your business again in the current business climate we are all faced with now?
For me, I am hoping to do another start up with another smaller company and combine forces and man power. I would love to go it alone, but I do not know if can go through that entire process all over again on my own.
What do you folks think?
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    I personally.. would not choose this year to start up a new company. There are way too many unknowns right now. Businesses have so much uncertainty of how they are going to be taxed and well .. Obamacare is going to change the economic position of every single person out there. I wish we could fast forward... because I for one am not looking forward to what is... the inevitable for everyone, yes even the middle class. Higher taxes.

  • Thanks BeckySue on this. I have decided to move ahead with my quest to re-define my company. I have been involved in so many different industries in the past all with some sort of success. Considering the business climate both in the US and in my state NJ which is ranked one of the worst, nothing really scares me. I am going more towards the one or two man consulting side of things. Then using quality contractors who I have worked with in the past utilize them to do most of the work. These old bones just do not have it in them to do all the physical labor needed to do construction, but thank my lucky stars my brain is still working. I think. I have already been using LInkedIN for connection to my market. Been doing weekly updates to about 400 real estate agents and growing every day, as my market is home prep and repairs for buyers and sellers. Out of the few weeks I have been promoting my work, I have had about one dozen new projects although small, have come through my doors.

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    You are (obviously) a well educated business man. I admire your diverse knowledge base and wish you the best .. most prosperous New Year!