Bathroom remodel

Brian M
by Brian M
Hi, we are doing a bathroom remodel and looking at using the best bath system shower remodel unit. Does anyone have any experience with these? thanks
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  • I have not had any real experience with this particular system. But these prefabricated systems work pretty well when its difficult to put a single complete unit in. The only thing I would suggest is to determine how much your going to use this new bath unit. As most are made of fiberglass with a gel coat finish on them. They look real good for a few years, but with improper care and cleaning they become scratched and harder to clean as time goes on. Depending on your budget and your DIY skills there are many other ways to finish a bath area that are more durable then those prefabricated systems available in the stores.

  • Nip Tuck Remodeling Nip Tuck Remodeling on Jan 01, 2012
    I have had experience with Best Bath for several years. I am a CAPS certified contractor and had been in search of a quality product to use and came across Best Bath. I have toured their facility in Idaho and found them to be a solid, quality based company with a wide selection of offerings. Their pricing is a bit higher than others, but the quality is fantastic. They really do design their systems for accessibility! I was specifically impressed by the barrier free units that had been self leveled. I see you are in Boise, so I would recommend you go out to their facility and see for yourselves. I'm sure they can recommend a local dealer for you to purchase from, and if you need a contractor out there, I can recommend one that may be able to help.

  • Brian, We primarily build custom tile showers so I have minimal experience with the pre-fab systems. However, when we do need that type of product, we lean toward those built by Maax, or Aker, a subsidiary of Maax. Acrylic units are better than the gel-coated fiberglass versions. It is tough to beat an endorsement like the one Nip Tuck gave Best Bath... so I would seriously consider them. My only real advice is spend the extra money to get a higher quality is not an area to cut corners on. Tim