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Dana Robinson
by Dana Robinson
I have a plain plastic milk crate I was hoping to use to plant something in. What can I use from around my house to line it other than go out and buy moss?
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  • Michelle Thompson Michelle Thompson on Apr 10, 2013
    Hi Dana... I had to sit back and think about this for a few! You might be able to use screening...then if you wanted to plant through the open areas of the milk crate you could... also, the screening (I would use the polyester type only because it's more co-operative) will keep any rocks, stones you use on the bottom from falling through.

  • Dana Robinson Dana Robinson on Apr 10, 2013
    Thanks Michelle, I saw another post of lining an unusually shaped planter with what looked like burlap too.

  • Patricia W Patricia W on Apr 10, 2013
    I use burlap, 2 bucks a yard at walmart. Its wonderful! Id probably hot glue it to the top lip of the crate. Id love to see your finished planter no matter what you decide to use!

  • Debbie Borthwick Debbie Borthwick on Apr 10, 2013
    I was going to say burlap, looks like you already figured that out. And Patricia too. :)

  • Coty Freeman Coty Freeman on Apr 11, 2013
    old sheets cut to size

  • Lori J Lori J on Apr 11, 2013
    I bought a roll of cocoanut fiber. Pricey, but way cheaper in the long run. I also sometimes use burlap, but in either case, I line them with plastic with drainage holes. I find the fiber or fabric lasts longer and they don't dry out so darned fast. In fits of spring frugality, I use the plastic that I take off my windows in the spring. Gotta love old houses.

  • Maureen Durno Maureen Durno on Apr 11, 2013
    Newspaper...but if you have any plastic bags, or feed bags almost anything to line it then newspapers they will keep the plants from frying...I used a vacuuming cleaner bag yesterday soaked it and put a tomato plant in the see how it goes...I experiment lots of things...rather than throw them out good luck with it xx

  • You might try landscape fabric, or filter fabric like this

  • Jeanetteann Jeanetteann on Apr 12, 2013
    thank you for following me Donna,I'm following back. I can't think what to line it with other than weed matting.Iv'e used this to line hanging baskets and it lasts a long time

  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Apr 14, 2013
    do you have any netting like tutu material?or plastic milk jugs just pole holes in them

  • Patricia W Patricia W on Apr 14, 2013
    I am a goodwill gramma! I found some of those mesh outdoor picnic covers at goodwill for 50 cents, they work for lining baskets too!

  • Dana Robinson Dana Robinson on Apr 15, 2013
    Well so far I've tried a fitted sheet that had a rip. We'll see how carrots and marigolds work out.