Carpet practical upkeep

by Lois
My nephew installs new carpeting for a living. When he did mine, he told me there is a finish on new carpeting that is removed during carpet cleaning, but that if you vacuum your carpets weekly, remove shoes when you come in from out of doors, you will never need to shampoo the carpets. Spot clean for spills. Does this make sense?
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  • Most modern carpets do have a stain blocker applied, so yes. As for the vacuuming that depends on use - heavy traffic areas could be daily to three times a week, while others being done once a week should be fine

  • SLS is correct on most carpets there is a stain blocker such as Scotch Guard. What is applied at the factory depends upon the quality of the carpet itself. Better quality better protection. AS far as removing shoes, simply makes sense as your tracking in dirt and outside pollutants into the home. Vacuuming carpet is also very important. This removes dust and mold spores off of the surface before they are worked in by heavy foot traffic. Spot cleaning if needed is correct as well. However you need to know how the carpet was treated for stain resistance. AS some cleaners will remove this from the carpet. I would suggest that you go to the store where the carpet was purchased and ask them what cleaning chemicals they recommend should something spill on the floor. When we purchased our carpet many years ago, we also purchased a special cleaning kit with it. It consisted of two chemicals that were sprayed onto the carpet which reacted by foaming and lifting the stain up and out. But there are many types, but if you purchase a over the counter type cleaner you risk setting the stain or messing up the fibers of the carpet itself. Also how you clean it such as rub vs blot makes a difference. Do it wrong and you will see this mark for many years after. When vacuuming the carpet you need to be sure that you have the beater bar adjustment set correctly. Many think it needs to really strike the carpet in order for it to work. What your doing is tearing the carpet fibers and over time that wear will begin to show.

  • Sherrie Sherrie on Feb 12, 2013
    When you buy carpet they give you warranty and cleaning instructions. You need to follow their guidelines to the letter in case you have problems with your carpet. Keep receipts, use only the cleaners they suggest. I have carpet in only one room and the very first day the dog ran in there....and christened it for me. (Dogs are no longer allowed past A certain area). I am probably the only person that had brand new carpet that has had it cleaned the first day of installing it. I followed their guidelines for cleaning so it wouldn't void my warranty.

  • Lois Lois on Feb 12, 2013
    New carpet was already installed at move-in, could not find any mfg. info - but my son lives alone, I visit him several times a year and since this is his first home, I try to help him learn how to care for and protect his investment and enjoy it along the way. Always removes his shoes upon entering, is a very neat person, so I'm thinking the advice and suggestions from SLS Construction are going to be very helpful. Thankful, also, for the tip on beater bar adjustment! I have done a little spot cleaning for him as needed. I think he's going to be safe with vacuuming weekly. I've also encouraged him to get an area rug for the one area in his living room that gets the most traffic. Hoping that is a good way to keep from having to ever having to replace the entire two large rooms of carpeting! Very grateful for these suggestions! Thank you

  • Lois Lois on Feb 12, 2013
    On an added note, what my nephew couldn't realize is that while my children were all grown and out of the house, so that my own new carpeting would 'never need shampooing,' with a large family, life has its own way of 'adjusting' your best laid plans: an influx of lively grandchildren plus a daughter moving to CA and leaving her big shaggy dog with me! I enjoyed both the grandchildren and the dog :)

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Feb 12, 2013
    "Scotchguard" (3M)s a topical application during the final phase of the carpet manufacturing process. Stainmaster (Dupont) carpet is woven of a special nylon fiber to which a colorless, proprietary dye solution is added. While any fiber (wool, nylon, poly and PET) can be "Scotchgarded".....ONLY nylon fiber manufactured by Dupont can carry the "Stainmaster" name. 3M states that after a wet process steam cleaning the Scotchguard treatment must be reapplied, Dupont states that the "Stainmaster" fiber can stand up to repeated wet process steam cleaning without any reapplication. Please note that Stainmaster nylon carpet is always more expensive that a Scotchguard nylon carpet. Weekly vacuuming of a carpet is mandatory to keep the abrasive dirt from killing the fibers as well as removing the dirt from the carpet pad........and it helps keep the carpet clean.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 13, 2013
    Whatever you do, do not use soap on your carpets as it only attracts dirt/stains. Put down small areas rugs as you enter from the outside. Nothing lasts forever but with care an being careful with foodstuffs, it will stay pretty a long while. But even the best carpet will smell like dirty socks after a while! A good grade of carpet is nice, but even pricey carpet has to come up soon or later. And a home is to be lived in. Some parts of the house gets more wear than others.