Asked on Jan 30, 2017

Tip: Paint your Ceilings first!

by Joan
Do your ceilings first! Tape the top of the wall with paint tape and cut in the ceiling line first. Then paint the ceiling with light coats. DO NOT put thick coats of paint on anything. Take your time and do several light coats as necessary.
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 30, 2017
    Good to know, thank you!!!!

  • Pallet Man Pallet Man on Jan 30, 2017
    If you are painting the ceiling first, that implies the walls will also be painted. If I am going to paint the walls after painting the ceiling, I never masking tape the top of the wall. I cut the corners in with a heavy coat to make sure there are not any missed areas. When I paint the walls, I just paint over any over-paint on the walls. Otherwise, when I tape the ceiling, there may be a sliver of old color left exposed.

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    • Pallet Man Pallet Man on Jan 31, 2017
      I would save the masking to mask the ceiling before I paint the walls. If I mask the walls to paint the ceiling, I need to perfectly match that mask line when I mask the ceiling to paint the walls. There is no reason to mask twice. Just paint the ceiling with some overlap onto the walls then mask the ceiling and paint the walls and paint over any ceiling paint that got on the walls.
      If you want to have a good clean and straight line at the wall to ceiling, use some painters caulk to create a smooth joint between the wall and ceiling, let it dry well than paint the ceiling and the caulk line, let it dry completely. Then, mask the ceiling at this caulk line and paint the walls.

      Personally, I would never do multiple light coats. A good wet coat means the paint polymers are continuous versus being in 2 or 3 thin layers. The paint also cures better when a properly applied coat dries. So, follow the directions on the can of paint. It usually says a good wet coat. Just avoid drips and runs.

  • Joan Joan on Jan 31, 2017
    Also, before you put your paint and brushes away, look at the job during day and at night. You may have missed a spot!