Cheap, Easy Closet Organizer

by Bobbi
I'm looking for a clever, cheap and easy way to organize my closet FINALLY!
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  • Kimberly Barney Kimberly Barney on May 22, 2013
    I love Joy Mangano's thin hangers. I use nothing else now. The hangers allow me to hang more in the closets. I purchased some inexpensive cloth boxes to store workout clothes in. I have seen where some have taken the paper case boxes and covered them with fabric or rope to make attractive and inexpensive storage boxes.

  • It's Cleaning Time It's Cleaning Time on May 23, 2013
    I own a green cleaning business and see all sort of organized closets. the challenge is to get organized in a small closet with limited resounces. That's my case! I organize my clothes by color, At the farthest corner all long party dresses, then coats, then jackets and then the darkest color or the one that I use less. I don't have much drawers space so I hang out all blouses and t-shirts. I have 2 sets of plastic drawers, one is larger so I use this for sweaters. long sleeves in one, sleeveless in another. I also love scarfs and shoals and found out that rolling them keeps them ready to be used as I am old fashion and don't like wrinkles. I roll up all soft pants and place them in another drawer. It keeps them organized as when I look for something, the rest rolls over and re-accomodate without getting disorganized. I also roll out winter t-shirts and have them another drawer. In the other 2 drawers I have bras in an open way, one on top of another so cups get protected, panties goes in another organized by style / use . In another one I have socks also by use / color. I use a transparent plastic shoe holder on the door to have all belts, long necklaces, gloves, fancy accesories, lint roller, and all unusual stuff at hand. I don't keep my shoes in the closet but in my garage organized in a shelf and I love it ! I use the carboard HEB water carry-ons as small divisions for different sandals and shoe cleaners. I use empty plastic water to hold up my boots to keep them straight. I use paper laundry dryers inside the shoes to keep them fresh smelling. I also keep luggage organized on the top shelves of the closet with trip related items inside also leave some dryer sheets in to prevent bad smells. Purses and bags in a fabric hanger and on the top shelves.

  • I use vacuum storage bags on out season clothes, sweaters, jackets, etc. Just label the exterior of the bag and shove them in the back corner.