by Gaild
Help, help, I'm drowning in invasive BAMBOO!!!!How do I get rid of it????? Actually, I just want to limit its growth. Is this possible without digging down and putting a barrier in the soil???? It's taking over the entire lawn, and just getting taller and taller.
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  • Answer to your question is no. It is a very bad problem here in Va too. It sends out runners as far as 20 ft or more so you need a barrier that is going to be deep and with a bit of height. I have seen invasive plants run right over the top of a barrier and keep on growing. I would suggest at least a foot down and 6 inches up. But depending upon the bamboo see how far down the roots go by digging up a section before deciding upon how far down to go. For the barrier I would use something that will not deteriorate too fast. I have looked myself (for other people) so I think that you may have to think about sheets of metal coated with rubberized coating and put in the ground. Or buy very large pots and plant the bamboo in them and sink them in the ground. Only problem is that you will lose the privacy effect and need a lot of pots. Good luck.

  • Positive Solutions Inc. Positive Solutions Inc. on Sep 20, 2013
    well i have it in my back yard and mow to keep it limited to where i want it as a blind. BUT if it has gotten out of control you have to chop it down and rent some equipment, and dig the root system up, it is the only way!?!?!? :(

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jul 14, 2015
    Try vinegar first and then if that does not do it, Round up in areas you do not want it. Only problem is that since the runners come from the main plant, you might end up killing it to. My boss had some in his yard and tried mowing. He was not successful. You would need a barrier (concrete or stell) that is at least 2 feet below the soil line and 6 - 8 inches above as it will crawl over too, That is what my boss did, costly and lot of digging.

  • Nancy Nancy on Dec 12, 2015
    My neighbor says you have to cut it close to the ground and then pour Round Up, or something like it, into the hole(s) to kill the roots.