Dressing up garage for graduation reception

by Cam
looking for advice to make garage more presentable for holding a high school graduation reception. Ideas for backdrops, cover up things that cannot be removed
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Mar 09, 2013
    one possible option would be to rent a small storage container for a week (like the PODS) getting the bulk of the stuff out will make everything else easier.

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 09, 2013
    @Cam if you can move all moveable items out - basement, shed, tent etc. then those that cannot be moved can be pushed aginst the walls. Purchase some inexpensive flat sheets in the school colours, or dye inexpensive drop cloths in those colours to hang as curtains to cover the area items that cannot be removed - as well you may find some inexpensive curtains to use. You could also hang christmas lights from the ceiling along with crepe paper streamers to create more ambiance. You could also add some outdoor lanterns with battery operated candles inside. If you need a large table, you could consider long boards supported by two work horses and covered in cloths the same colour as the school colours, then there is also always the paper carnations. You might also ask the kids attending for ideas and help - they love that kind of involvement :) Thanks for posting and please do post pics of the venue, I am most interested in seeing for future ideas :)

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Mar 10, 2013
    Attach large eyebolts to the ceiling (rafters) around the edges of the walls to hid the junk. String some curtain clips on a small cable and then run it through those eyebolts (leaving adequate clips between eyebolts). Then attach drop clothes like you would attach curtains over your kitchen windows. If you can't find sturdy enough clips, use large safety pins. If you have some old white bed sheets, these would work too...or buy some new ones if you don't have enough. Streamers in school colors can be twisted and pinned to the sheets! Use a hole punch to make confetti. Write words on the sheets (before hanging) with Elmer's glue and put on confetti! If you have throw away material or something like drop clothes, grommets will work to use to hang. It will only take a little measuring! Balloons stuck to ceiling can hid that (tie a ribbon to balloon and staple to ceiling.. If open rafters, put up streamers! SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!!!!

  • Dotti Johnson-Porrett Dotti Johnson-Porrett on Apr 07, 2013
    we purchased black plastic in rolls, pretty inexpensive and hung from ceiling on all sides. Used the new duct tape and make frames on he plastic, inserted art work and awards etc...like a wall of fame. You could add xmas lights. I put everything behind these 'walls'. Decorate the ceiling with colorful dollar store table cloths or school colors, see Pinterest on decorating ceiling.

  • Marcia Reichert Marcia Reichert on Apr 13, 2013
    We've done the black plastic too. Cheap and a great backdrop. Maybe some paper lanterns grouped in the corners in the school colors. Remember that even though things are covered up , they are still there. One too many beers may cause Uncle Ned to topple into the place where the rakes and hoes are hung and.......OUCH!