Flea control!!

Teresa Turner
by Teresa Turner
I have a flea infestation in my home. The pets are treatedwith Advantage but for some reason the fleas have made it inside!! HELP!!! ( I have tried many products, bombs,powder....)
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  • You will have to clean the house thoroughly! The biggest thing to do is vacuum everything! Fleas lay hundreds of eggs which hatch in a few days. There are several things to use and Borax and baking soda mix to sprinkle on carpet and let sit for a few hours works to dry out the eggs and helps kill fleas/eggs. Wiping down any surface the pets lay (such as cats who lay on tables, etc). Wash all bedding, blankets, pillows and anything the pets have laid on and that includes human bedding. It will take you a couple weeks to eradicate or minimize the fleas. If your home is infested then the flea control is not working. You may also want to treat the yard and your home with diatomaceous earth sold at Home Depot (other stores may have it too). Now are you buying the flea control from your vet? That is a must. The stuff at pet stores is not from the manufacturer (I called Frontline and asked when I used it from a store and it failed miserably). I now go to the vet for any flea control for my dogs and cats. This will take some time. And washing everything every 3-5 days for a couple weeks will help a lot. Make sure to vacuum under the couch cushions too! good luck Oh and change the bag every time! and seal up and throw out in the garbage!!!!!

  • Deb Fleming Deb Fleming on Oct 19, 2013
    Also wash all bedding thorughly and the borax will dehydrate the fleas. You can leave it wround the edges of baseboards but not in areas where pets ad kids will be in close contact with it as it can irritate skin and respiratory tracts. Also, diatomaceous earth works well and is not a chemical. It is fossilized algae which to a flea, is like glass shards. It cuts them and they dehydrate. It can be 'poofy' when applied so have others leave the room, wear a mask to avoid breathing in the 'dust'. You can work it in to the pets bedding, your carpet even right onto your pet just don't apply it in a way that makes a cloud of dust floating in the air. It can be left in the carpet for quite awhile. (doesn't work if wet) http://www.earthworkshealth.com/?gclid=CJCR7vPdo7oCFUFBQgodrioAoQ

  • Deb Fleming Deb Fleming on Oct 19, 2013
    oh...oops, I didn't see all of Renee's message. Fleas also do not like spicy scents. http://www.petmountain.com/product/flea-tick-drops-for-dogs/11442-523443/sentry-sentry-natural-defense-flea-tick-squeeze-on-for-dogs-puppies-3-month-supply-.html?utm_source=googleproductads&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term={keyword}&gclid=CKr9npLgo7oCFUXhQgod9kQAng We sell this at the store where I work www.naturally4paws.com and I've used it myself (I have 5 dogs and a cat) . It will not bring a heavy infestation under control but it is a non toxic way of making your pets less desirable to the fleas. Also another natural product that works is called Comfortis, it's a tablet with a prescritpion. You can get it from the vet or online pet supplies http://www.1800petmeds.com/Comfortis-prod11039.html?AFFID=GG&ID=201595532.