Hall lighting on then goes out!!!! Mystery

Shirley R
by Shirley R
I have a long hall and have two light fixtures in the ceiling, had them on and I noticed that one was OUT at one end of the hall, checked it and started to take the glass down and it came back on, I put a new bulb in it anyway and put the glass back on over the bulb and turned the light switch on and one came on the one I put the bulb in did not I even tried tapping the outside of the glass nothing...This has never happen..So please handy people out there give me a hand as what to do next please. Does it have a short you think??? I don't know why it would short while it was on then come back on while I was taking the glass off and then back on by touching the thing the bulb goes into..Help Please, Thanks, Shirley
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  • Some lights particularly recessed light fixtures have thermostats built in that prevent them from over heating. If there has not been an issue in the past, check the size of the light bulb that is in the fixture. It may be over sized. Many light fixtures somewhere near where the bulb is located has either a picture or information about the different types of bulbs that can be used in the fixture along with the max wattage size as well. Now if the bulb did not come on after the fixture had a chance to cool down, then the socket that houses the bulb may be shorted. You will need to remove the bulb and carefully after the switch is off move the socket part around and look for a broken wire. But my guess its the thermostat that is causing the issue. Check the wattage on the bulb.

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Jul 15, 2012
    The problem could be in the socket of the light fixture. Many times the socket can go bad and the base point of the light build does not make proper contact with the center tab of the socket because it loses it's tension. This generally happens when one does not follow the manufacturers lamp size recommendations.......ig: using a 75 or 100 watt lamp when the fixture is rated for a 60 watt lamp. The heat from the oversize lamp kills the socket as well as the possible damage to the wire and the ceiling structure. Let me know if you need additional help Gary

  • Alton Alton on Feb 22, 2016
    Check for loose wire between last and next light or first light if only 2 light's