Help! grounding wire cut!

by Becky
We had some trees cut down and today the stump grinder guy cut the grounding wire that grounded our swimming pool pump. Is this something I can fix myself and if so how? Appreciate your advice.
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Apr 23, 2012
    I"m always inclined to hire a pro for electric work, especially for something this potentially dangerous. Can you get the tree contractor to cover the cost of electric work, since it was his fault?

  • Concrete Creations Concrete Creations on Apr 23, 2012
    Totally agree with Steve, with electricity always use a license professional.

  • Most pools are pretty well grounded several different ways. That said the ground wire still needs to be reconnected. If you have access to the break you should be able to purchase a Split bolt from Lowes or Home Depot to fit the ground wire and just connect the two ends back together.

  • Becky Becky on May 13, 2012
    That's exactly what an electrician did when he fixed it. Cost $100. After I watched him I realized that i could have done it myself if I had known what to use.

  • 3po3 3po3 on May 15, 2012
    I have often paid good money, then realized after watching the pro that I could have done it myself. However, in this case, I think $100 is certainly worth the peace of mind of knowing it was done safely.

  • Becky, you got a good deal and it was done right, When it comes to electricity you can't be too safe. That $100 was not just for a split bolt bug and a little labor. Most of it was for the knowledge he possessed to know how to fix it and what to use. "If" is a big word. If I knew why my car battery died I would have fixed it myself. But I pay my mechanic because he does know. We can't do everything so some things are best left to the Pro. Especially ones that can kill you if done wrong.