Here is just the basics of my new Busisness Flyer I'm presently working on ...

Any Ideas?, Questions?, Or Comments that I may be over looking? or could say to spice it up a bit ?
Accurate Repair & Home Improvements
" Make one call, We can Do Them All!"
• Honey Do-Lists
• Roofing
• Siding
• Painting
• Hardwood Floors ( Installation and refinishing )
• Wood and Tile Floating Floors
• Ceramic Tile installation and styling Design
• Repairs around the house
• Bathroom Remodeling
• Kitchen Remodeling
• Basement Remodeling
• Basement Water Proofing
• Window's and Doors
• Drywall n Repair
• Minor Plumbing
• Decks
• Carpet
• Tuck Pointing and Flat Work
• Retaining walls
• Water Ponds
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Walter A. Hajost II
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Ps. If you think its fine just the way it is just give it a Thumbs up I will understand
Walter A. Hajost II
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  • Way to much information. While I understand what your trying to do by getting as much information about all the things you do. It is overwhelming. I would try to put in less by incorporating some of the items that you do and save space for larger lettering and perhaps a logo of some sort. Its all about branding. If you use your logo enough times people will know who you are without even looking for the company name. What contractors fail to understand is that to much information may be a bad thing. As soon as the reader needs to work through long lists of items, they loose interest and put it down or worse throw it away. You need to capture your business with one or tops two sentences. A tag line or simple mission statement should be all that you need to get the interest in the client making them want to read more about your company or to make them want to look you up. If you tell them via a list, they only know you do this work, but have no idea about the service you provide. Sure you say that at the end. but by then they put it down and never read it. Web site design also works this way. The web sites that work well have very little to say in the beginning, but offer very powerful messages with those few words. If the future client wants to know more they will call, or even read on about what ever interests them. Hope this helps you. Bob

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Dec 10, 2011
    I like your answer Bob, I was thinking the same...too much information

  • Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • Besides doing everything, what is it that you specialize in? Perhaps a direction that you really want to take your company in. Or something you do better then anyone else? This is the focus of your advertizement. Then using that, what ever it is, tell people why your the best at it. It could be doing something such as: We provide expert building diagnostics and repair services helping you save money. This is one we use on our ads. Or, Accurate residential home services with prices right on target to fit your pocketbook. That may be a little lame, but you get the idea. Put in a testimonial in the add as well. something simple. "Accurate was on time, did job on budget and fixed our issue when no one else could!" Tom from Davenport. All ads should contain if possible. Simple explanation of what you do. Some sort of testimonial if you have one. Easy to read or understand logo such as you already have. But build around this. Use the bulls eye or target as your focal point And your mission statement. Use your mission statement. Do not have one? You should. It defines what your business does and is used quite often as a tag line for advertizements. Remember people will zone out fast if your advertizement is to long, boring and is something that everyone else does or says. Look at ads in coupon books, They all say the same thing. But focus on just one area. By using the logo and having a real good tag line associated with it will tell people more about your business then you can in a whole chapter in a book. Take for instance Progressive insurance. You have seen their ads I am sure on the TV. Their new bill board advertizements. A small photo of just part of Flo's hairdo. The ad says. Quick what insurance company does this remind you of? Its all about name recondition associated with their branding. Be sure to use always the same colors. Same logo, and same layout for your business name etc. Using your logo on everything will tell people who you are and what you do every time. They will see the bull's eye on your truck from a distance and know the name of the company long before your close enough to read the writing. Colors are also very important. Do not change the color. Look at Target. Their ads are all based around their logo. When your watching them on the TV, you know before they even show you the name of the company or their logo who it is. One last thing. Why do you have a photo of a fireplace? Where is your logo on your profile? Get my point? Bob

  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Dec 10, 2011
    I can really relate to this because so often I have a message I want to relay which is lengthy. I have earned that it is a mistake to include so much info because our attention spans as consumers are not that long. I would suggest an image that relays your message in a funny and interesting way or something like "if it's on your honey do list, we do it!" with more detail in small print underneath. That sends the same message and leaves a good impression as well. I like that you asked for feedback here. Good idea!

  • Thank You, very much for your great insight on My Flyer ````~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Woodbridge Environmental' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~```` I really like the way you think! One thing I admire about your Responses, you very complete in your explanations of what you are talking about and use many examples of what your Explaining. It lets me know that you are an Intelligent person. You definitely deserve my consideration of your advice which I will definitely experiment around with and see what works best. I look forward to having more discussions with you. Thanks for your Advise ~ Walter A. Hajost II Ps. I have the Intention of uploading some great pics of my works, But Ive always been an all around guy Never want to be limited with what I'm capable off... My true intention was to start my construction company again so I could stay home with my son and fiancee. Got rid of my Semi truck-n-Trailer so I may be home with them more since its the first time in 8 years my son wanted to live with dad :) . I would like to stay small enough that i can keep rates low of course to get as much work as possible, Plus I really would like to be able to get to the point again that I can hire a few people a provide a Several jobs and make enough to support my Family! Sorry for over detail but my grammar sucks! Lol and I always have been a very open honest person. I think its why I land most of my contracts

  • I still of courses am always intrested in different ideas and opinions still ~ Walter

  • Lin R Lin R on Dec 10, 2011
    Office hours and days are always good to mention.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Dec 10, 2011
    Walter, that long list reminds me of a sign I saw this week that made me chuckle, "We specialize in everything". Stick to your strong points and minor on the minors. Best, Charles

  • 3po3 3po3 on Dec 10, 2011
    Sorry to be blunt, but you are looking for critiques. I also think it's a little long. Focus on your strong points and add that you can handle further projects at the same time. Also spell check and mind your grammar. You've got some apostrophe catastrophes, as I like to call them. Employees, not employee's, and windows, not window's. Also, I would dump the Honey Do Lists. Might be construed as sexist, and it's unnecessary.

  • oh your fine Steve. Very tired for one , to my punctuation has always been bad . This is the wrong paste and copy too ! Otherwise you might get upset with all the capital letters at the beging of most of the major wording ! Anything Online is researched by bots that pick up on key words and index your posts into the web. They look for the capitalization more so then gramer and punctuation . You are right but Im trying to get all markets covered. Sorry, that's one story that's just a little to long to explain tonight Thanks though, W.A.H II