How can I make storage in a single wide? thanx

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  • Bar22390848 Bar22390848 on May 28, 2017
    I think you are referring to a single wide mobile home. If you are I know the feeling. Raise your bed high enough to slide plastic storage bins under your beds. Clear ones so you can see inside. Visit hardware or retail stores to see what kind of storage aids they have for cupboards and closets. Use the backs of bedroom and bathroom doors for hanging storage. Turn an old trunk into a shabby chic coffee table. Or an ottoman! Look for bookcases and furniture to hide things in and will fun to refinish. It won´t happen overnight, but it will happen. Good luck!

  • Bj Rutledge Bj Rutledge on May 29, 2017
    I feel your pain. I am looking at the storage between the studs, for bathroom, and also for a pantry for canned goods.
    I also just remade my kitchen drawers. They were shallow and didnt come close to using the space in the cabinet. So i made them deeper, longer, and still had room to add a drawer! So i increased the drawer space without changing the cabinet size.
    I am buying a hanging rack for pots and pans. It is one that hangs on the wall so it's not in the way.
    For my kitchen utensils, I just bought a vase at a thrift store. I added marbles in the bottom and will put utensils in it, and leaving it on the counter or stove top.
    Back in the day, when you bought a mobile home, you could get options. One that was common was the Jack knife couch. They are coming back... When you raise the seat, there was open space where we would keep linens, and board games. If you raised the seat high enough, it would make the back go flat and it became a double bed.
    My mom used to store flat curtains under her mattress.
    Right now I'm trying to figure out how to utilize all that dead space in my box spring... It would be great for out of season clothing or bedding. A platform bed with drawers would be perfect.
    I've been walking around in my single wide identifying dead space to see if it can be utilized in some way. It's a challenge.

  • Bj Rutledge Bj Rutledge on May 29, 2017
    Because of limited kitchen cabinet space, i am making a shelf to hang under the upper cabinet. It doesn't have to come out as far as the cabinet. I am making mine with scrap wood, cut to size, and fat dowels cut to size. My shelf will be attached to the upper cabinet with screws and washers. Screws will come down into the pre drilled dowel. Shelf will be screwed into the bottom of the dowels. It will hold coffee mugs. You can dress it up, using carved table legs for dowels, or be adding a front shelf edge made of wood moulding. You could also use small wood shelf brackets for your mug shelf. You can paint your shelf or cover with vinyl wallpaper (which i line cabinets with) or contac paper.

    • Allinthefamilysingers Allinthefamilysingers on May 29, 2017
      I was sitting there lookin the other day and was wondering if something like that mite work. Thanks for the details and please share a picture with all of us,when u finish it. Thanks much Dhall