DIYs for excersize?

Elaine Fasano
by Elaine Fasano
I have no motivation- How do I get energy to excersise

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  • Russbow Russbow on Jan 01, 2018
    I find writing the time and length of time of the exercise on the calendar helps. Then on Sunday total up the days, and post to your calendar. That type of thing has always helped me, as I do not want to post zero

  • Jackie Jackie on Jan 01, 2018
    Coffee? Once you get going, you will get energy just from doing the exercise. Start with walking, it's a great exercise! Give yourself a good talking to as well!

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Jan 01, 2018
    find something you like and do it for a short period of time then add more time on to it or find a friend to walk or workout with

  • Gracie Gracie on Jan 01, 2018
    If you can find a friend, that would be best. Otherwise, do something as soon as you get up - maybe while your coffee is brewing - even 10 minutes will get you started. Or, do something during a commercial break when watching TV

  • Walk, it is free! In many areas they have "mall walking" groups for people to get exercise in areas where walking outside is too cold/hot. Every little bit helps, start out with something for 10 or 15 minutes and increase your time as you progress. Chat with your doctor too. Don't feel bad, I despise anything that makes me sweat!

  • Crystal Hughes Crystal Hughes on Feb 20, 2018
    I have a group of ladies that meet at the local school track eveyrday!!!

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Feb 20, 2018
    Just walk, start small. One block, then increase. When sitting just stretch you legs . Any movement is good. ON your way about the house do arm circles, march in place.