I am looking for a mason to move a door and window then finish the stucco in Clermont.

by Kim
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  • Kim, this isn't something I do personally, but I'll look into my local contacts and see if I can come up with somebody for you.

  • Kim Kim on Feb 09, 2012
    I have had the worst experience with Campbell Construction. Over a week for the work he did do and then he left the job with trash pile in front of my home, heavy coating of dust on everything and holes in my house.

  • I have never dealt with that company myself, but it is good to know about your experience with them in case I do run across them. Was this recent work or in the past (ie. do you still have a mess and holes in your house)? Still looking into seeing if I can find somebody for you.

  • Kim Kim on Feb 10, 2012
    I had used him on my last job, to pour cement and it was fine. This job started 2/1. His crew showed up and removed 2 windows shattering them across my 30x30 space. Then they cut my block without taping tarping it off coating my whole house (back to the bedrooms) in about 1/8" of dust. They did a quick sweep that only drew lines in the dust, did not do anything about the other surfaces. 2/2 did some work and left early. Then no called no showed on 2/3, 2/4 showed up for a few hrs, 2/5 no word, 2/6 showed up and made huge promises to do the work on 2/7, 2/7 no call no show, 2/8 showed up and did some work, when he didn't finish I expressed my displeasure (never raising my voice) again and he said he did not like how I was treating him and I can get someone else to finish the job. He threatened to put a contractors lien on my home for the balance due him. I got him to sign an agreement he would not for the 1/2 down and material cost. He left a huge pile of construction wood, cement, broken glass, window frames and even food debris in the front of my home. The door was placed but not finished and holes in my exterior remained exposing the OSB to the elements. This has been my worst project and contractor experience ever. Do you want his info? I only have a phone number, no address for him. I found someone to finish the job, thank you.

  • Wow, what a nightmare. A perfect example of how NOT to run a business, sorry you had to experience that. Did you have a signed contract with him? If so, did it state specifically what it was that he was supposed to do? I can only guess that you did have a contract, otherwise he would be SOL when it came to putting a lien on your home - it requires proof that they were to be paid specific money for specific work and that the work was in fact completed. The signed contract would have been his proof of work/pay and photos would be proof the work was done. Otherwise a person could just randomly select someone's property and put a lien on it if no proof was required. Before the new contractor begins, take a whole bunch of photos (with dates on them) of the mess that was left behind in case you decide to take some sort of legal action against them. If you had no contract, he was just blowing smoke at you in hopes of scaring you into giving him money. Always have a signed contract. Hope things go much smoother with the new contractor. Good luck! :)