I am using wood filler to repair the gnawed edges of my window sill .

Delores G
by Delores G
I am using a putty knife. How do I apply it smoothly? When do I use sandpaper?
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Oct 16, 2011
    you can often wet the putty knife to get a smoother finish....apply the filler so it is just above the level of the existing wood..after the filler has fully dried / cured it can be sanded flush...depending on how deep the damage is you may need to apply a couple of coats...some filler will shrink and crack when applied too thick.

  • Delores G Delores G on Oct 16, 2011
    Great response---dampen the putty knife. I should have thought about that! Like icing a cake!

  • Ricardo B Ricardo B on Oct 16, 2011
    I like that icing analogy... Remember, crumb layer, working layer, then finishing layer. Sand down gradually...

  • Delores, Apply wood filler to fill the holes, let it harden and sand. You might have to do it twice to get a smooth service. After sanding clean and paint.

  • Wood restoration co . Wood restoration co . on Oct 16, 2011
    a whole nuther option is quik-wood .. a moldable epoxy putty .. dries hard as nails can be shaped and smoothed to where virtually no sanding is necessary . i use on fine furniture and woodwork all the time .