I have a 40x25 ft grungy lawn that I want to remove and install fake grass instead because I want zero maintenance. I ha

by Diane
I have a 40x25 ft grungy lawn that I want to remove and install fake grass instead because I want zero maintenance. I have no green thumb whatsoever and hate to mow and do all the things you have to do to have a beautiful lawn. At one time I had pro gardeners taking care of my lawn and it was expensive, time consuming and in the end the lawn went back to its original condition despite everything that was done. I am tired of never getting a return on all the hard work so I have decided to tear everything out and install fake grass. My question is what's involved in removing the old lawn and putting in the fake one. Is it a very expensive project? (I do want the best fake grass that looks as real as possible). What kind of pro does this type of work, a landscaper? Once it's down, what maintenance is involved? I would just like a general overview as I know every project is an individual one, just so I have an idea of what I'm getting into and if it is worth it. Thanks.
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 03, 2012
    Diane, see this recent discussion of the topic. A Hometalk member in Florida frequently uses one product for jobs, but advises that the cost is at least five times as much as traditional turf. http://www.hometalk.com/diy/q-has-anyone-ever-used-golf-course-quality-artificial-turf-i-want-to-use-it-in-my-yard-153364

    Has anyone ever used golf course quality artificial turf? I want to use it in my yard but it seems very expensive.
  • Diane Diane on Jun 03, 2012
    Thank you Douglas. The info is helpful and I now know enough to make a decision in the near future

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 03, 2012
    Happy to help, Diane. Post a photo if you go that route. I'm sure many folks will be interested.

  • Global Syn-Turf Global Syn-Turf on Feb 04, 2015
    @Diane, it's been 2.5 years since you asked your question, but here's some information anyway: Installing artificial grass is expensive, but when you tally the costs of owning a natural grass lawn, and then compare that with the initial cost of installing a synthetic grass replacement, the synthetic grass pays for itself in savings many times over in the long run. Installation is typically done by landscape contractors, lawn maintenance contractors, gardeners, construction contractors. If you're just talking about the fake grass itself, then there's no maintenance at all (that's the beauty of fake grass); it's when you start adding things to the fake grass that you have to start thinking about maintenance: for instance, if you add a dog to the equation, then naturally maintenance consists of hosing the fake grass down every now and then to wash away pet residues; if you add trees to the equation, then you might have to do some raking every now and then if you don't like foliage on your lawn. But if we're talking strictly about the fake grass itself, with no extraneous variables added, then there's no maintenance involved. Once you install it, you can forget about it! (However, for cosmetic purposes we recommend, although it isn't absolutely necessary, brushing the turf with a power broom every quarter.)