I have some potted plants on my patio called 'Devils Backbone".

Bob H -
by Bob H -
I am aware that they are cold sensitive. They are starting to go dormant now. At what point do I need to either cover this plant, or bring it inside? I am in Central Florida. Thanks!
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  • Karen M Karen M on Dec 17, 2011
    are you talking about the zigzag stem succulent with leaves that get a pinkish tinge sometimes? if so, i have some of them on my back patio. With the exception of last winters two week below 30degree freeze, i leave them outside year round to no ill effect. I think they can withstand light frost and the occasional cold night.

  • I would bring any succulent indoors and keep them near a warm place maybe light a bulb to create the heat they need. I suggest you bring them in now or else it is hard for them to survive if they face the frost or really low temps!

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Dec 18, 2011
    I have hens and chicks, they have been out in winter several years, they pick right back up in spring. It doesnt seem to matter if they are in pots or the ground. But I always wonder..........

  • This plant thins out and goes semi dormant in Florida. Since it is in a pot I would just bring in inside at 40 degrees to be safe. Very important, this plant could be dangerous for cats so leave it outside and cover it if you have cats. It has a milky sticky sap and is flexible so cats may want to play with it. If it stays outside just cover with 3 sheets and it should grow out fine by late April.

  • Karen M Karen M on Dec 18, 2011
    thanks garden rebel! I always wondered at what temp i should think about moving some of my plants to the garage or house. 40degrees seems like a safe bet!

  • Cathy Caron Cathy Caron on Jul 19, 2015
    I live in Orlando and have Devils Backbone in my front garden I leave them out all year with no problems at all.

  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga Elizabeth Sagarminaga on Jul 21, 2015
    You should bring it inside when it is hot outside. Though it looks very pretty in one's outdoor space it is important to bring them inside when the temperature is not favorable. If not done the plant starts thinning which does not look good at all.