I heard on the Garden Rebel radio program that Round-Up week killer is very good.

Lorenda J
by Lorenda J
However, when we went to purchase we noticed that all of the products for Round-Up say for weeds and grass. How can that be? Does it really kill the grass also? We need to get rid of our weeds.
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  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on Feb 02, 2012
    All depends on what you call a weed. Bermudagrass is a weed in my flower beds and Roundup kills it.....and it will do the same in your bermudagrass lawn. Roundup is "non-selective" : it kills anything it's sprayed on. You need a selective plant killer, like Weed Beater or Weed B Gon. Congrats for reading the label first!!

  • Lorenda J Lorenda J on Feb 02, 2012
    Thanks for the answer. I'm glad we didn't go ahead and use it.

  • Harold M Harold M on Feb 02, 2012
    Roundup kills everything

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Feb 03, 2012
    Roundup is an equal opportunity herbicide. It kills whatever it gets on.

  • Round Up is NOT a kill all herbicide, and that is the beauty of Round Up! I have sprayed many thousands of gallons of Round Up during 32 years of owning a commercial landscape maintenance company in Central Florida. Round Up is a systemic herbicide, which MUST be absorbed by the green leafy material of the plant you want to kill, plants with waxy leafs or forms will not absorbed Round up, if Round Up gets on the woody bark of the plant it will not be absorbed, if you spray Round Up on the ground it will not be absorbed by the roots, and will not kill the plant. A great example is under palm trees where seedlings have sprouted up, the palm seedlings have a very waxy leaf, you can spray it with Round Up week after week and not kill the new seedling, I have sprayed Round Up at 1/3 rate in Juniper beds or in Lirope beds completely overtaken with weeds (not just over spraying the entire bed, but spraying the heart of the weed directly) and with time and patients cleaned out landscape beds overtaken by weeds. Another good example of how Round Up works, is one of the original needs for Round Up, Kudzu vines over growing entire oak tree forest, Round Up would be sprayed from aircraft on the Kudzu vines growing over the top of oak trees, the Round Up would be absorbed by the Kudzu vine translocate to the roots killing the Kudzu vine roots and all but not killing the trees in the forest. In training employees in the art of landscape maintenance the use of Round Up was only for my most trusted employees, many thousands of dollars damage could be done in a very short period of time with Round Up, but with proper knowledge of the use of Round Up hundreds of man hours were save buy using Round Up Properly. I will soon post a lesson on the use of Round Up along with the benefits of Preemergent herbicides and make every one's life easier controlling weeds in the landscape

    • Mary McDonnell Mary McDonnell on Mar 30, 2015
      Thanks for the info! So if I sprayed at base of a flowering crab where I have all sorts of seedlings popping up, being careful to spray only the green leaves of the stringers, they'll die? I have been using pruning shears and cutting them at the base of the seedling...they seem to love the hair cut, coming back thicker and healthier...I can't wait to finally have this losing battle won! Thanks again-

  • Good to know...I didn't know that about Round Up

  • Jimmy S Jimmy S on Feb 03, 2012
    In my experience Round up kills everything it touches, although english ivy was a little tougher, but I am sure its because it couldnt get under the heavy layer of leaves

  • Dee Dee on Feb 13, 2015
    Roundup kills most grasses and weeds. I have not had luck with wild onions, but it will beat them back if you apply several times. We have better luck with using a yard service to spray for weeds.

  • Diane Kinnaird Diane Kinnaird on May 07, 2016
    WHY does everyone use this poison??? Why not try to google an alternative?? RU is very dangerous and should be banned in the US as it is in other Countries! Wake Up America! God Bless Our Planet.......

  • Heidy Heidy on May 10, 2016
    Round up must be sprayed on the leaves not at the base of plants. It makes it's way to the root through the leaves. It will kill everything!