Asked on Jan 01, 2017

Introduction: DIY lover from NY!

Hillela G.
by Hillela G.
Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce myself to the wonderful Hometalk Community!
My name is Hillela and I live with my husband, Noah. Our last name is the German word for patience, which comes in handy with lots of our projects!icon
I love challenging myself just beyond my comfort zone. Sometimes I'm successful and other times I end up with a good laugh.
I really owe my DIY confidence to my fellow Hometalkers, I'm inspired by you all every day! Without you, I never would have had the confidence to make my (rental) home my own.
My biggest recent project -is that I painted most of the rooms ( with the landlord's blessing) of my apartment. Now each room has its own personality and cozy touch.
Thanks for sharing your creativity with me!!icon

q introduction diy lover from ny
Us Gedulds :)
q introduction diy lover from ny
My Nautical bathroom- I'm very proud of the stripes, it was a first for me!
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  • Leah Deverett Leah Deverett on Jan 01, 2017
    Nice to meet you Hilella! You and your husband seem like quite the creative couple. The bathroom looks great!

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Jan 01, 2017
    Hi Hillela!!! Great job on your bathroom. Love this introduction idea, and great picture!

  • William William on Jan 01, 2017
    Hello Hilella! Love the stripes in your bathroom. We all deserve an good laugh sometimes. Then we go to plan B =:)

  • Hi Hilella! What a darling couple! Love William's response, we all have had mishaps and had to move on . . . Even to Plan C, D or E! Love the stripes, love personal touches. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 01, 2017
      Hi Naomie, thank you!! I've even had the chance to be acquainted with plan F and G

  • Lisa Cain Lisa Cain on Jan 02, 2017
    Highs and Lows with projects, I'm with ya sister...and I laugh as well with the ones that DON'T turn out! Learning curves! Thanks for all you do with Hometalk and US!

    • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 05, 2017
      Thank you Lisa, I agree- as long as you have fun, then it was time well spent!

  • Marrianne Rudy Marrianne Rudy on Jan 02, 2017
    Hello and welcome! I found Hometalk by accident and stayed! Love nautical and your bathroom is adorable. I especially love the sailboat tiles! You did a great job keeping it seaworthy. Have a great time on here!

    • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 05, 2017
      Hi Marianne, thank you! I found the sailboat stencil first, and then it took on a life of its own from there...

  • Melissa V Melissa V on Jan 02, 2017
    Happy 2017 Gedulds!!!
    Hillela, you and your hubs are so happy together! Did he give you any help with the paint (taping, etc), and I'm guessing the tiles were your inspiration? ⛵️

    • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 05, 2017
      Thank you Melissa, he certainly did help, the taping was a 4 hands kind of job

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jan 03, 2017
    Hi Hillela!
    Happy New Year! Love your photo with your cute hubby!

  • Jody Jody on Jan 05, 2017
    Hello Hillela, great job on the stripes!

  • J'sflowersalwaysdie J'sflowersalwaysdie on Jan 09, 2017
    Hi. You guys are so cute!!! I like that name--Hillela . Your bathroom really looks cool!! I wish I had that kind of talent and ambition!!! Blessings to you, both!

  • Teresa Teresa on Jan 25, 2017
    So nice to see you both - good job on the bathroom btw!