Musty smelling towels

by Rebekah
Here in GA, it has been raining cats and dogs for the past 2 or more months, as result everything is musty, moldy and just plain old nasty - never mind the, I wonder if this might have something to do with the "musty perfume " I have experienced with my towels.....any advice on how to get them to get that "fresh as a daisy" smell back ?
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  • Sia@South 47th Sia@South 47th on Aug 04, 2013
    Vinegar wash with nothing else added. Then the hottest setting your dryer has, since you can't line dry.

  • Jennifer Godwin Jennifer Godwin on Aug 04, 2013
    I've never really experienced that mustiness in towels unless I've left them in the washer for a long time after the cycle was done OR the kids have left a pile of damp towels just sitting there. However, what I did to rid them of the odor, was to rewash in as hot of water as possible adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle

  • Ladynred Ladynred on Aug 04, 2013
    @Rebekah, I would try putting vinegar in your fabric softener dispensor instead of the softener. I always do that with my towels because softener keeps your towels from being absorbent. The vinegar will get rid of the odor plus, it will cut through the previous uses of fabric softener and they will become absorbant again. if the odor is really bad, i would also add some to the wash cycle.

  • Patricia W Patricia W on Aug 05, 2013
    I used vinegar! It worked wonderfully, then hang them out in the fresh air if you can.

  • Jani Telleen Jani Telleen on Aug 07, 2013
    I never buy softner. I use vinegar in the dispenser instead of softner for all my laundry.

  • Diane Rich Diane Rich on Aug 07, 2013
    Vinegar in the softener like a charm. I get a gallon at Walmart for 2.38 and use it for windows, sanitizing, washing floors etc.

  • MaryAnne Mathes MaryAnne Mathes on Aug 07, 2013
    Put some charcoal in your linen closet for one in an old onion net bag, hang it high so it doesn't come in contact with the linens tho!! You can keep a small washcloth or yarn ball that you put lavendar oils on and it would keep it fresh. At the dollar tree they have these plastic little containers that are mini humidifiers....I keep one in every closet, and one on my nightstand a couple of days you will see all the water in the bottom. I also don't wake up 'icky' feeling after a humid night (even with the air on). I live in Hot humid Florida--gotta air out the closets, don't let the door stay closed all the time!! Good Luck...oh you could also put a box of baking soda in there..that would help!! ~pEaCe

  • Dee Dee on Aug 08, 2013
    Dear Musty smelling towels...... use white vinegar in the rinse it is safe for your clothes and takes out the foul odors, you cannot smell the vinegar after it rinses.

  • Connie Twardize Connie Twardize on Feb 09, 2015
    Baking soda added to the wash water