my porch sweat what can I do.

Cheryl G
by Cheryl G
I have a porch on my house on misty morning it sweat ( it like rain coming down) down from the tin roof..It is made of green R panel ...I want to in close it put all my wicker and coush out there. but as it is I can not do that...Help anyone have ideal what I can do to stop it.....Need Help
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  • The metal roof if its exposed will condense on the bottom when the temps change. You will need to insulate this surface so the moisture does not condense further. You cannot use fiberglass on this as it will not stop the moisture from reaching the cold surface. Use foam boards at least 2 inches thick fasten them using contractors adhesive then cover over with what ever surface suites the decor.

  • Cheryl G Cheryl G on Mar 25, 2013
    thanks WE...we can do that ...I did not want to have to take the roof off..

  • Just remember the trick is to prevent moisture (humidity) from reaching the bottom side of the metal roof. So no air gaps if at all possible. If the edges are open, fill them with spray foam once the foam boards are glued on tight.