Old windows/doors/mouldings

by Jmhaskell
I have really gotten into the old windows/doors/mouldings. My question is I am afraid of the lead in the paint. So do any of you do anything special to the piece? Like seal it so it doesn't chip anymore. I have been washing them really well and getting off what I can, but still am concerned. Thank you.
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  • Tanya Peterson Felsheim Tanya Peterson Felsheim on Jul 07, 2013
    The main concern about the lead in the paint is mostly about animals or children injesting them as opposed to the fact they exist. I would scrape off the paint that can be stopped off and I found this product can't think of what its called but it makes anything stick to anythin--might be called never peel--that stakes care of things falling after you seal with that.

  • Jmhaskell Jmhaskell on Jul 07, 2013
    Thank you Tanya, I will see if I can find it.

  • DoItGreen Home Services DoItGreen Home Services on Jul 09, 2013
    Hi, If your house was built prior to 1978 there is a better chance that the paint did contain lead. If you want to know for sure most paint store or Home Depot carry test kits. The danger with lead paint is the dust and or ingesting paint chips mostly children will taste chips and like it cause it taste sweet. Anyway, do not sand at all and use a specific primer and paint that will encapsulate the old coating in most case it is only necessary use the encapsulating paint from the floor up to 5' you can do more but it is not necessary. I Hope this helps, Howard