Paint colors for resale furniture

by Debra
What do you think is the best paint colors for painted small pieces of furniture (side tables,small dressers) to resale on line? I love the bold colors but feel that is more of a personal taste to fit the decor of ones home. I looking for different colors that would appeal to most everyone. I appreciate all the feed back that I can get. Thank you
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  • Shari Shari on Jun 29, 2013
    Painted furniture seems to appeal primarily to those who love any of the various cottage styles of decorating (like me!). French Country Cottage style uses some bolder reds, yellows, blues etc., but the majority of the other cottage styles typically use more pastel shades. I would say the three most popular colors right now in painted furniture are lighter grays, shades of watery blues like aqua (for the coastal cottage/beachy lovers), and of course various shades of white still seem to be going strong.

  • Shari Shari on Jun 29, 2013
    I wanted to add, from my observations, many people are starting to lean toward lighter color palettes in their homes. Where black furniture was extremely popular just a few years ago, I'm seeing a lof of black furniture being replaced for colors that are not so heavy looking and dark. Black furniture also shows every speck of dust so it requires frequent dusting. Dusting..."Ain't nobody got time for that!" :)

  • Debra Debra on Jun 29, 2013
    thank you , you are right now that I think about some of the rooms that I have seen are going on the lighter side

  • Accentuations! Accentuations! on Jun 30, 2013
    I agree with Shari! Pale pastel blues, greens....just a few shades up from white....creamy and fresh. I do see a definite trend toward these lighter colors when customers are Cottage, Shabby Chic, French Country or Farmhouse....all remain very popular. Some Mediterranean styles go with deeper tones of greens, blues or even antiqued pieces. Many will tell you that it is chic to have at least one black item in a room...personal taste as far as I am concerned! Just make sure to display the piece with colorful accessories! Good Luck! Sallie

  • Z Z on Jun 30, 2013
    Great information from both Shari and Sallie, but I think it really depends on the piece in question. Even the wood lover that I am knows some pieces call to be painted for the styles mentioned above, but there are some styles, such as MCM which are made from beautiful teaks, walnuts and ashwood that beg to be left unpainted. My suggestion would be to post before photos to see what others think Debra.

  • Debra Debra on Jul 01, 2013
    Thank you everyone for your input, it really helps to get a different input.